Отец Илона Маска объяснил, почему сын считает его воплощением зла

CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk has 20 billionaire and going to colonize Mars. He has achieved tremendous success in life, and his friends were Tallulah Riley and amber heard. He has everything except a good relationship with his father.

Отец Илона Маска объяснил, почему сын считает его воплощением зла

Errol Musk is the father of billionaire invited journalists to his home in South Africa and explained why Elon considers it evil. Once the Mask Sr. was charged with murder — he shot Troy men who broke into his house. Later the court acquitted the Mask is older, as he felt that it was self-defense, but Elon to forget that could not.

“Elon needs to grow up. He needs to overcome himself. I’m not going to respond in the same way. I want to wait until it reason would prevail. He throws a tantrum like a spoiled child. He can’t get what he wants, and now I seem to him an evil monster, — said Errol.

72-year-old man grins journalists who celebrate his wonderful sense of humor. According to The Mail on Sunday, in the garage of Errol are silver Bentley Continental and a fishing boat, and a house decorated with pictures of the kids. They depict Elon with his brother Kimball and sister Longing, as well as their half-sisters Alexandra and rose. Once they were a happy family until, in recognition of Errol, it is not two faced ego. Errol was a successful engineer and he became a millionaire before 30 years. With his first wife, a model may Mask, they raised three children: Ilona, Kimbala and Longing.

“I took them to school in a convertible Rolls-Royce Corniche, we kept horses, on which they could skate, and in addition, I gave the kids the bikes when they turned 14 years old. They were spoiled, I suppose. That’s why Elon behaves now,” says Errol.

As told Elon early childhood father oppressed gusts to science, although the Errol notes that inherited this thrust it from his father. “Elon was generous to me when later admitted that his “scientific genius” he inherited from me,” continued his father.

Errol recognizes that divorce with his wife may after 16 years of marriage was his fault: “Mae was very beautiful, but there were always girls prettier and younger.”

In 2002, when Elon made enough money and suggested that the father move from South Africa to the United States with his second wife, Heidi, but he refused. Attempts to establish contact with his father constantly break the spacecraft and a half years ago. Elon arrived in Cape town on his private jet to celebrate father’s birthday and was surprised to find that his young girlfriend, 30-year-old Jan, is expecting a child.

“Now our boy is ten months, I love him very much, although he was an unplanned child. I even insisted on a DNA test to verify his paternity. When I told about the pregnancy Jana my daughter Ali, I thought she would support me and understand. But she said that I was crazy and mentally ill. When she reported this the rest of my children, they were all pissed and said I need to send in a home. I think Elon was emotionally vulnerable when he gave an interview about me in Rolling Stone. It just dumped his girlfriend amber heard, and he cried more about the breakup. But I am not an evil man. I don’t regret anything. I’m just a father who loves his son and all his children. And I am glad that they are happy, healthy and safe,” says Musk.