Father Denis Cheryshev opposed Dating the son of Olga Buzova

Отец Дениса Черышева выступил против знакомства сына с Ольгой Бузовой While watching the world Cup match between Russia and Croatia Olga Buzova admitted feelings for midfielder Denis Cheryshev. She was going to marry a football player, but his family were against such a sister-in-law.
Отец Дениса Черышева выступил против знакомства сына с Ольгой Бузовой

Olga Buzova closely following the world Cup. The last match of Russian national team against Croatia she was watching together with friends in one of capital restaurants. Before the star gave everyone t-shirts that say “champion”, which produces its brand. Despite the support Buzova and her friends, the team failed to win the enemy. The match ended with the victory of Croatia.

After the game Olga recorded a video in which he confessed his love for striker Denis Cheryshev. “I agree to marry you. You, by the way, lovely, I want to say. I do not mind the age difference. Nothing! Without makeup I look 18! Denis,” — said the TV star.

Treatment Buzova left unanswered. However, he responded not the player himself, and his father, Dmitry Cheryshev, head coach of FC “Nizhny Novgorod”.

“She can’t a single step closer to my son. Her chances to sing songs. My son is not involved in social events. So he scored, different to this is,” said Cheryshev senior.

Denis Cheryshev lives and trains in Spain. But this year the athlete was lucky to get to Russian national team. In the opening match of the Championship, when our team played against Saudi Arabia, Denis took to the field in the 23rd minute, replacing the injured Alan Dzagoev. Then he scored two goals against the opponent. After the match Denis was named the best player of the match by FIFA.

Denis rarely shares details of his personal life with the press. However, in your account 28-year-old occasionally still publishes photos with his girlfriend Christina. 24-year-old fiancee athlete supported him during all matches.

Olga Buzova also soon destined to meet his love. Because in this moment we are shooting a project “Marry Buzova”. “No longer is ready to find a time to meet, to decide where to take the cavalier to rest, what tiles to choose in the hall of the house or where to change winter tires to summer, both in his car and on him! I hope my future man will be able to handle it himself. I’m sure the fate will give the chance and I love meeting. Maybe it will happen in the new show on TNT, where I can choose among candidates from all over the country,” hopes the star.