Father Dana Borisova intervened in her conflict with the mother

Отец Даны Борисовой вмешался в ее конфликт с матерью Drama in the family presenter is gaining momentum. Father Dana Borisova Alexander came to the Studio talk show “In fact”. The man revealed new details about the life of a celebrity and her mother.
Отец Даны Борисовой вмешался в ее конфликт с матерью

For the second edition of “really” with Dmitry Shepelev on family conflict Dana Borisova with her mother Ekaterina Ivanovna. According to the presenter, the woman – a sick man, suffering from alcoholism and experiencing addiction to potent drugs. The celebrity claims that the mother was mixing alcohol and pills when I was working on the ambulance. According to This, an unhealthy atmosphere in the family could cause her stress.

To resolve the conflict between two adult women in the Studio talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev was invited to This father Alexander Borisov. The man told the guests and program experts that Katherine did give a daughter the pills acting on the psyche, and she often made use of medications mixed with alcohol.

Ekaterina Ivanovna and Alexander Alexandrovich been divorced twice, according to This, an unhealthy atmosphere in the family could sprijavite she’s stressed.

“I phoned the ambulance and said that she was poisoned, her stomach washed. It wasn’t a suicide, she did it on purpose to attract attention. So we got back together again,” – said Borisov.
Отец Даны Борисовой вмешался в ее конфликт с матерью

The man told the ex-wife cheated on him, of betrayal, and he did not forgive betrayal and decided to divorce. “What mother will admit that she gave? Sleeping pills gave it to Dana, it could lead to the formation according to the daughter,” – said Alexander on the question of the leader of This harmful addiction.

“I betray the closest people, and not for the first time,” said Ekaterina Ivanovna, and then she burst into tears.

The woman completely denied his involvement in what is taught daughter to the reception of potent drugs. Then you are Given accused Ekaterina Ivanova for their failures in his personal life. “She’s interfered in my relationships with men,” – said Borisov.

Guests in the Studio noted that it is the parents who contributed to the development of severe dependence on alcohol and hard drugs at the presenter. Dana helped her mother and father financial, tried to establish a relationship with both, but everyone wanted to cash in on a famous daughter.