Father Beyonce has commented on the charges in daughter’s beating

Отец Бейонсе прокомментировал обвинения дочери в избиениях

Last week, Beyonce has presented her new album, which was given the name juicy Lemonade. The Studio recording of the Queen Bee is ambiguous, exposing her soul and telling the truth about some aspects of her life. In particular, the soul-diva covertly, told about her husband’s infidelity Jay Z, and also about how cruel her father was to her and her mom.

In one of the songs Beyonce sings: “He convinced you that he is God? You’re a slave of his fist? I’m talking about your husband or about your father?”

While a fan of the singer resented this revelation, her father was quick to comment on the words of the song: “I understand that you want to hear. But no. We have no way to enter the mind of Beyonce. Only she can answer the question about whom she sings. I don’t want to see me about the rumors”.

Note that the review Matthew Knowles was totally uninformative, and that the man didn’t say a categorical “no” about the massacre of his family, says that most likely he is actually guilty.

Recall that the relationship of Beyonce and father were always strained. Once, early on in my career and daughter at the time of formation of Destiny’s Child, Mr Knowles was its Director and in this regard showed their brutality trying to control the daughter as his slave.

Later, after the breakup of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce decided to take away the father’s right of ownership of the group and filed a lawsuit. Beyonce don’t like that contract, drawn up by Matthew Knowles more when you create a group, the bulk of the rights to the brand belongs to him. He also needs to receive payments, if the group decides to reunite under the same name.

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