Fate struck Yulia Nachalova the cruel blow

Судьба нанесла Юлии Началовой жестокий удар
The singer shared his grief.

Julia Nachalova

Photo: @Instagram Yulia julianachalova Nachalovo

Having barely recovered from a painful breakup with her civil husband Yulia Nachalova faced with another loss. As told to singer, today was not the beloved grandfather of the singer — Vasily Zhukovsky. In his story about the death of a favorite relative Nachalova remembered that thanks to him, Julia fell in love with music.

“His Love of music was transmitted to us, his descendants. Grandpa in his youth himself, with his own hands made the Accordion, and taught himself a master of the instrument!” — said the singer. She admitted that grandpa was and still is her example of hard work, dedication and true masculinity.

Julia remembered that when I was very little, she was eagerly waiting for the return of his grandfather from work. She knew that on arrival he will play in her accordion and she will be able to sing. “When I was little, I am in awe at the window the evening was waiting for my favorite grandpa get back from work… Always grandpa made for me to play the accordion, and I sang Russian folk songs! Eternal memory… I’m really gonna miss…” — shared Nachalova.

While still quite young, Julia moved with his parents from his native Voronezh to Moscow. But the grandparents of the future of the singer to move and remained in his native village. The last few years Nachalova together with her civil husband Alexander Frolov spent a lot of time abroad, so to see my beloved grandfather in Yulia does not work.