Располневшего Джерарда Батлера бросила любовница
The star of “300” again left with nothing.

Располневшего Джерарда Батлера бросила любовница

Gerard Butler


47-year-old Gerard Butler
again left alone. His girlfriend,
designer Morgan brown, decided to break up with him. According to the available
the information Morgan gave the Butler an ultimatum: either he marry her or she
out. And Gerard, who have never been married, was not ready to accept
a responsible decision.

Butler and brown have been together since
2014. However, in the past year, Morgan seriously doubted whether
to continue their affair: she was 40 years old, and at this age it is time
to have a family and children. In the end, brown and Butler decided to break
other. However, after a few months they were reunited. But
Gerrard, apparently, has not made the necessary conclusions. And after the holiday, which a couple
spent recently together in Mexico, brown said that he was leaving.

Incidentally, Morgan is clearly not to be sad in
solitude: despite the fact that she’s not 25, she’s in good shape and
looks great. Even during last year’s break in relations with
Gerard got her a new Beau behind her started Dating Liev Schreiber. And Gerard recently girls not
run. The once muscular athlete is clearly losing shape and not similar to
hero-lover. But when he was ready to meet a Hollywood
beauties, including Cameron Diaz, Jessica
Biel and Jennifer aniston.

Gerard Butler and Morgan brown