«Толстые, не надевайте короткие юбки»: Алена Водонаева осудила стиль полных людей Alain Vodonaeva repeatedly humiliated fat people. The presenter believes that it is necessary to follow a proper diet. She recently posted a video with an overweight woman, dressed in a short skirt. The star condemned her for her weight and not suitable outfit.
«Толстые, не надевайте короткие юбки»: Алена Водонаева осудила стиль полных людей

The attitude of the presenter to full people has always been negative. Alain Vodonaeva did not hide in the overweight every to blame himself for what has become the object of criticism from social media users.

Recently, the star was vacationing with her son Bogdan in the United States. It is not surprising that in a country of fast food Allen again had to face the full people. Since California is quite hot, the locals try to wear light things. However, according to the Farmacia, some people with excess weight should not be naked — that this was reported in his microblog on leading in the natural her a derogatory manner.

«Толстые, не надевайте короткие юбки»: Алена Водонаева осудила стиль полных людей“If you’re fat, don’t wear short pink skirts. Do not lose the adequacy. I in his book a whole Chapter devoted to the appropriateness of the closet! Don’t make a fool of yourself in public places. Don’t need tights on the ass of size greater than L. it is Not necessary to open hands if they are thick. This paragraph also applies to many stars of Russian show business on the red carpet. Long sleeve is beautiful and elegant. As for America and obesity: in Los Angeles are all beautiful. All on the sport. But in places such as universal Studios gathers all of America. Ordinary people. 70% are overweight. Someone not nearly as heavy as the girl in the video, someone very heavy and can barely walk, and some are in special wheelchairs to move around. Can not go”, — said Alena.
«Толстые, не надевайте короткие юбки»: Алена Водонаева осудила стиль полных людей

Watching the Americans, Vodonaeva noticed that most of them eat fast food. In particular, children who from an early age lays the bad habits because of selfish parents. “But most of all I wonder where among the users of instagram are the people who think all that I listed above and identified the disadvantages, the norm? They have that popcorn in my head? They hate me because I encourage them to think about health and look good, am I correct?” — wrote Alena.

The star itself tries to adhere to a proper diet, using diet, herbs and fresh vegetables, as well as to restrain myself, if you want harmful products. “By the way, I don’t have lunch, and for dinner eat a large plate of green salad. Here’s a diet, since so many people ask how I eat” — shared star.