Fasten your seatbelts: the flight attendant’s recommendations on how to avoid injuries during the flight

Пристегните ремни: рекомендации бортпроводника, как избежать травм во время полета On Monday, the passengers of flight EN route from Moscow to Bangkok suffered from the fact that the plane hit turbulence, as they were not wearing seat belts. Ksenia Kuramshina, a member of one of the airlines told the “StarHit” about the rules that must implicitly observe the travelers.
Пристегните ремни: рекомендации бортпроводника, как избежать травм во время полета

Last week, on may 1, a Boeing 777, carrying out flight Moscow–Bangkok, 40 minutes before landing at the airport fell into severe turbulence. In the end, the passengers who were not wearing seat belts, were injured. About 20 people sent to hospital in the capital of Thailand. All of this could have been avoided by taking precautions.

Ksenia Kuramshina, a senior flight attendant airlines Royal Flight:

“The situation occurred just before landing. This means that passengers were notified about the need to take your seats, fasten your seat belts, and clean the tables. Those safety rules that must be followed mandatory. Then the plane was in the area of clear air turbulence that is impossible to predict and prevent – it’s not visible on radar. In the end, the people at fault were injured: fractures and injuries of varying severity.

Me as a senior flight attendant concerned about the fact that the story of Boeing 777 – is not the first case when passengers ignore the request, my colleagues from other airlines. And the mission always starts with a demonstration of airborne rescue equipment. But some at this time sitting in phones or tablets, and don’t look like, for example, to use a mask for breathing in case of emergency.

We always warn that it is desirable to remain fastened during the entire flight, even after appropriate off the scoreboard. You can also get trauma to the abdomen, if not removed in time table or not to lower the armrest that will easily hit you on the shoulder.

If the passengers come with packs of Duty Free, please remove purchase, especially fragile items under the seat in front of you. But some travellers ignore the rules and use the Luggage racks that are designed for outerwear. Personally, I more than once caught the bottle over their heads. If the person opens the shelf, and in this moment there is a boost in the air, the contents of the crashes. It is very dangerous! Possible strong impact not only yourself, but also harm the neighbors in the cabin.

By the way, with regard to alcohol, in this issue, most airlines, including ours, a strict policy: the drinking of intoxicating beverages on Board is prohibited. The exception is passengers the business class, where alcohol is included in the map menu. Have a drunk person can jump the pressure in flight, and it’s bad for his health.

In the case of moderate turbulence, the flight attendants usually come to every passenger. If someone at this time is asleep, Wake them up and check, strapped the belts, removed the if tables.

Some airlines allow the use of iPhones in airplane mode during takeoff and landing. Royal Flight you need to turn off all electrical appliances, as at this time conducted important negotiations with managers and can bring down a connection. Of course, nowadays advanced technologies such probability is small, but better to be safe than sorry.

And another tip, even request: dear passengers, if you have during the flight there are any problems or questions, do not forget that for their solution we are flight attendants. Do not hesitate to contact us”.