Неделя моды в Париже: street style

Yesterday show from Louis Vuitton ended fashion Week in Paris, and that means it’s time to look from the catwalk to the chronicle from the streets of the French capital. In the days of the catwalk photographers take thousands of pictures, and all the mods, of course, try to create an original image to precisely attract their attention and to get into the frame. On the other hand, perhaps it is in Paris too provocative outfits is the least for this part of the forefront are new York and London.

Guests of the Week are still more oriented to French chic, the main rule which is that elegance is born from simplicity. However, without the bright colors on the streets, too, has not been, and restrained the images of fashionistas eagerly complemented by spectacular accessories, such as shoes with feathers or sandals with shaped heels. The trend was a kind of asymmetry when the shoes for the right and left foot looks different.

Hit the lenses of street style photographers and representatives of the Moscow secular party — look AMI c European fashionable society showed off their including Vika Gazinskaya and Ksenia Chilingarov.

Oh, Paris!



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