Неделя моды в Париже: показ Jacquemus сезона весна/лето-2019

Fashion week in Paris, which opened a Grand show of Dior, the first day pleased with the mods and another anticipated show. Simon Port of Jammu presented his new collection “Riviera” — the Creator of the huge straw hats, which seems to have become the main Instagram-trend this summer, clearly planning to repeat its success among bloggers and stars of social networks in the coming year.

The show was held at the Italian Consulate in Paris to wear the new creations of the designer is also better somewhere in the latitudes of the Amalfi coast. A seductive short dress, open neckline, tight-fitting shorts, at least Emily Ratzkowski can significantly add to your wardrobe to next season, and Tina Kunaki, for sure, will have to taste a couple of new and refreshing white dresses — it looks like she was relaxed in the vicinity of Biarritz before and after the wedding (Luke complements the young wife of Vincent Cassel just a hat from Jacquemus).

Prepared designer accessory that may be able to become a new hit Instagram in the coming season, taking over the baton from a huge wide-brimmed straw hats, which this summer has tried it seems everything. Megalomania continues — dimensions woven bags, too, were impressive. However, for evening wear in some coastal oyster bar prepared a colorful miniature purse.

Неделя моды в Париже: показ Jacquemus сезона весна/лето-2019 Simon Port of Jammu after the show with models