Неделя моды в Милане: роскошный и практичный street style

Fashion week in Milan ended yesterday, but the mods once already, now start the shows spring-summer collections in Paris. While in the French capital are the final preparations, we offer you to look at street fashion from Milan.

Italian style largely associated with luxury and glamour come to mind dresses from Versace or Dolce & Gabbana, and surrounded by monumental architecture in the Renaissance style and Gothic to walk in torn jeans even somehow uncomfortable. But of course only in evening dresses on the streets of Milan, the public is also not walking around is practical and casual, complemented by elegant accessories or parts, choose a fashionista.

SPLETNIK.RU offers a look at the pictures which may inspire you to some experiments in the everyday wardrobe, and also give some ideas for cases when it is necessary to make a special impression, and, of course, to admire the main stars of the Week in between shows.