Неделя моды в Милане: Кендалл Дженнер, сестры Хадид, Кайя Гербер и другие на показе Moschino

Gigi Hadid

Not had time to finish the show Prada fashion Week in Milan, and has already launched a fashion show of Moschino, but SPLETNIK.RU closely follows all the important events that happen in the fashion capital these days. In front of an audience appeared again Kaia Gerber, sisters Hadid, Joan Smalls and Kendall Jenner have already appeared on the catwalks. Well, Jeremy Scott has again given rise to debate about where is modern fashion!

In the case of designers, who simultaneously work on different projects, for example, develop their own brand and are the creative Directors of other Fashion houses, the situation usually is that immediately obvious where to focus the main creative forces. In the case of Jeremy Scott to judge for sure every time is more complicated.

In new York, the designer presented a rather clownish collection with cartoon characters, self-portraits of 1996 and variations on the theme of biker clothing in General, was true to himself. While many hoped for Moschino designer will come up with something interesting. The effect of surprise Scott was really something. Those who took the video announcing the show, for a metaphorical teaser, for sure, was surprised how literally the designer has translated his sketches.


Presented on the catwalk things like animated page sketchbook and prints perfectly reproduce the strokes on the paper. When the game tired of postmodernism and all that you quote is already a copy of a copy, Scott literally took that at hand. Following the sketches on the runway, there were hats in the form of a thimble, man-measuring tape, scissors and rollers for fabrics as an accessory. Jeremy, you would be happy at Pixar — the secret life of things out of my Studio there still seems to be not filmed.

Well as for the evaluation of the collection itself… the taste and color of all the markers are different, as told to Jeremy Scott!

Неделя моды в Милане: Кендалл Дженнер, сестры Хадид, Кайя Гербер и другие на показе Moschino Jeremy Scott