Fashion news not to be discussed: from the “Nike” in the Museum to diaries Vivienne Westwood

Новости моды, которые нельзя не обсудить: от "найков" в музее до дневников Вивьен Вествуд

Open the category “fashion news that you shouldn’t discuss” button under the end of the working week “to pour simmering” – namely, to discuss those striking events from the world of fashion that have occurred over the past few days that deserve attention, despite the fact that in everyday life we never discussed.

On the agenda – diary Vivienne Westwood, Nike Air Max as a Museum exhibit, Damn this piece in Moscow and not only.

Burn the bridges: struck out YSL Hedi Slimane from their history

Новости моды, которые нельзя не обсудить: от "найков" в музее до дневников Вивьен Вествуд
Account Saint Laurent Instagram

Fashion house Saint Laurent has been airbrushed out of their history four years, during which time the post of creative Director here took recently left his Hedi Slimane.

Anyway, from the Instagram account of the brand – @ysl – all gone (!) pictures! Instead, there came only one picture – news on the appointment Anthony Vaccarello and his portrait.

In Moscow came Damn responsible

Новости моды, которые нельзя не обсудить: от "найков" в музее до дневников Вивьен Вествуд
Damn responsible and Ksenia Sobchak

What to the other newly crowned hero of fashion – a new creative Director of Balenciaga, Damn this piece, from the author of the brand which Vetements going crazy all the world’s fashionistas, he this week for the first time in twenty years, honored by his visit to the Russian capital. In the framework of the working and not really visit he held several meetings, attended a concert of Zemfira and had supper together with Ksenia Sobchak. Last published a picture with the designer in Instagram, telling that the star of the fashion world of Georgian origin in the Georgian restaurant didn’t recognize.

After our quiet dinner, the waiter with the Grand view brought to paint, so I left the autograph. Oh, he knew he would, autograph what a genius of a man sitting next to me, he really could get! I-what? I’m always here and I will haunt you forever, but Damn came to Russia for the first time in 20 years!!!… #upominaemosti

The main exhibit: Sneakers Nike Air Max, jeans Levi’s 501 and the wrap dress Diane fon Furstenberg as Museum exhibits

Новости моды, которые нельзя не обсудить: от "найков" в музее до дневников Вивьен Вествуд
Nike Air Max

The new York Museum of modern art MOMA is preparing a new exhibit titled Items: Fashion Is Modern. It will include 99 iconic for the fashion industry things, including Nike Air Max, model 501 Levi’s and a wrap dress in 1974, the authorship of Diana von Furstenberg and other exhibits.

The Museum adheres to the principle not to include in collections and archives the fashion items, since they, according to the senior curator Department of architecture and design Museum, Paola Antonelli, “ephemeral, seasonal and quickly become obsolete”. So the exposition will include things not from seasonal collections, and only time-tested classics. Each of the exhibits will accompany the study of the cultural context.

Vivienne Westwood to publish their diaries

Новости моды, которые нельзя не обсудить: от "найков" в музее до дневников Вивьен Вествуд
Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood decided to publish their diaries – it (tenth) book Get a Life: The Diaries of Vivienne Westwood (“Get a life: diaries Vivienne Westwood”) will be released in October. We already know that the book will cover not only fashion, but also haunting designer climate change, civil rights and freedom:

I called the book “Get a life”. This is what she urges: to act, to speak, not to be indifferent, to live.

The advertising face of Marc Jacobs has become the DoppelgangeR Chloe sevigny

Watch on YouTube

Marc Jacobs could not be different – the advertising face of his eponymous brand became a DoppelgangeR Chloe sevigny – actor and comedian named drew Droge.

Once successfully reincarnated as a style icon, he was seen Marc Jacobs, and after a time became the hero of his advertising campaign together with Lana Wachowski, Christina Ricci and others.

Grace Coddington has just launched a personal website

Новости моды, которые нельзя не обсудить: от "найков" в музее до дневников Вивьен Вествуд
Home page of grace Coddington

After leaving in January as the creative Director for American Vogue after 30 years, legendary British model and stylist grace Coddington was removed from most of the responsibilities, graduated to it in as creative Director of publications for special projects and freeing up time for new proposals and own initiatives.

The latter was not long in coming: 74-year-old stylist has already introduced its own fragrance, and now has launched a personal website that fascinates with its animation. Her recognizable style will not allow you to doubt is a work of the grace, with which we are familiar figures even in her autobiography. And this is only the beginning. Bookmarked!

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