Мода в Instagram: 8 ювелирных трендов от блогеров

Caroline Daur

With fashionable clothing trends we recently figured out. Experts and stylists always talk in detail, what fabrics and prints are fashionable and how to combine colors, but jewelry often remain on the periphery of these discussions. Someone considers them an important part of the image in principle, someone randomly takes something from the box at the last moment before leaving the house. Meanwhile, proper jewelry accessories can raise to a new level, even the most simple outfits like white t-shirts with jeans. SPLETNIK.RU decided to watch that now happily wear Instagram-bloggers.

1.Glitter 80s

Many clothing brands are now turning to the era of the 80s and 90s with their contradictory but expressive fashion. Jewelers this trend was also not spared — large earrings with lots of rhinestones return. Popular decorations are geometric forms, and the more frivolous options, for example, earrings in the shape of a heart. They can be combined with things in the style of 80s-90s to create the full effect of immersion in that era, or decorate them more discreet bow.

2.Golden autumn

The gold rush continues. Moreover, it is gaining momentum. Earrings not hand over their positions, but they added even more massive jewelry. The advantage of the latter is that to integrate them in almost any closet.

3. Chain

Chained? Now it’s about Instagram! Trendsetters did chain is a stylish accessory that goes well with another hit of the season — Golden earrings from the previous paragraph. You can wear them complete with a more subtle classical options or combine with bracelets in the same style.

4. Necklaces-chokers

If the chain seems too brutal, bloggers is and an alternative accessory. The fitted jewel neck look pretty impressive, especially if you combine them as the visible trends of the fall, as leopard print.

5. Thinner and more

This fall, the fashionistas are betting on massive decorations, but there is good news for fans of the more elegant of bows: the combination of several fine chains and pendants is still relevant. As pendants, you can choose popular this summer seashells, or more appropriate to the season leaves.

6.From the bottom of the sea

However, as the solo parts of the image of shell remain relevant — a good way to extend the summer, besides the motive is great for many different decorations. You can choose a neat suspension, more spectacular beads or original earrings.

7. Brooches

Another proven method to make more womens casual bow — add a brooch. For fall accessory is particularly relevant, because they can decorate and outerwear.

8. Hair pins

One of the main attributes school fashion battle of the ‘ 90s is back — then, to claim the title of first beauty in the class, had to get a rubber band or rainbow colored crabs, now bloggers brag about pins from luxury brands.

And what kind of decoration you like the most?