Fashion Instagram: 7 accounts, which you can explore the history of fashion

Мода в Instagram: 7 аккаунтов, по которым можно изучать историю моды

Catherine Deneuve

Inspiration for new fashion bows a looking for on the pages of glossy magazines and Instagram accounts of influential bloggers, who mostly consist of images from fashion Weeks and partner positions with well-known brands. But fashion is cyclical: today designers often refer not to the present, and to bygone days, returning to the podium images from the 60s, 80s or 90s. SPLETNIK.RU knows how to play in advance and choose a fashionable bows — subscribe to the authors in Instagram, which also fascinated centivany, supermodels and old covers of Vogue more than the actual timeline.

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Claire Thompson-Jonwil — chief editor of the magazine Self Service, which tries himself in fashion design. The Briton, who moved to Paris, combines in her wardrobe Parisian chic with a slight rebelliousness among her favorite brands and Vetements and Louis Vuiton. But their bows Claire subscribers is not particularly indulges — her Instagram is filled with photos of a young Kate moss, Daria Verbova, shots from old movies and iconic images from fashion magazines.

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Blog Izabela Costa is a real godsend for those who love the style of the 60s and 70s Here are collected and film stills, and photos of the social events of those years, like film premieres, and of course, photos from fashion magazines of the time. Want to see how Sylvie Vartan drinking cocktails with Brigitte Bardot, and that exhibited in the Windows on Carnaby street in London in 1967 — more to follow!

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This Instagram — simply Paradise for fans of the era of supermodels. The emphasis the author makes to the fashion shows of the ‘ 90s, signing collections and models, if you wanted to carefully study this period, to sign up definitely worth. In the past year on account notice, even Vogue, trying to figure out who is behind creating such an informative blog. But the identity of the author to reveal in no hurry — we only know that this 22-year-old student from Chicago.

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Julien the Trunk dedicated to your hobby blog — the author collects fashion magazines, and is professionally engaged in history of fashion. In his Instagram you can find truly unique shots such as the sketches Saint Laurent, designed for Opium fragrance in the ‘ 70s, the pages of Vogue 1935 and pictures of the backstage of the photo shoot Audrey Hepburn for Elle in October of 1959.

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The name of the blog speaks for itself — the author meticulously assembles the best of what was given to us by the fashion of the 90s: Milla Jovovich swinging on a swing on the show Versace Carla Bruni posing on the background of the palaces of St. Petersburg to shoot of Vogue Germany, and Cindy Crawford in curlers bored waiting for the Chanel show.

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Supermodels is never enough, so if you liked the previous blog, you can safely add to the ribbon. The author pays more attention to the covers of fashion magazines, collecting blog, however, is not only vintage, but modern copies. At the same time can be compared, when it was better: then or now.

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But the author of the blog @caraiva with the answer to this question already seems determined. Instagram leads the founder and creative Director of jewelry brand Caraiva, but if many people use the social network to promote their goods, an account devoted to the past. Time frame the author doesn’t frames from films of the French new wave and Italian neo-realism interspersed with “Sex and the city” and photosets Twiggy is Kate moss.

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