Модный провал: Кейт Миддлтон вышла в свет в странном наряде

The Duchess of Cambridge chose to meet with scouts from Cub Scout Pack informal outfit which was very close to the fashionable failure.

Kate Middleton often appears in public in a simple but yet very stylish outfits by British designers. Actually, it is the ability to combine expensive toilets with things democratic brands Kate was recognized as a style icon. However, as it turned out, and it can happen fashionable incidents.

At a meeting in a part of the 100th anniversary of the scout club Cub Kate has appeared in quite peculiar to her ensemble. Tight pants she completed a shapeless gray turtleneck from “Granny’s chest”. The image made up of brown suede boots and a neckerchief of cub scouts.

It seems that Middleton and her stylist decided not to strain with the choice of attire.

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