Модный дайджест: от парка развлечений Тайры Бэнкс до скандала с Reebok

Gigi Hadid

Also launched in new York fashion shows, this week was remembered by the scandal around the brand Reebok, as well as several vivid advertising campaigns. Read more about all tell in our digest.

1.Tyra banks is planning to open a fashion Disneyland

Model and TV presenter has announced that decided to create his own amusement Park Modelland — in fact it should become for fashionista what for fans of animation is disney. On the area of more than 1,950 square feet, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and attractions that will allow posetitelyam to dive into the world of fashion and modeling.

My dream will soon become reality. #ModelLand. A place where everyone can be a model. A place where celebrate all the beauty. I can’t wait for you to be able to visit it!

— posted by tyra.

The Park should open later this year in the shopping center Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles.

Модный дайджест: от парка развлечений Тайры Бэнкс до скандала с Reebok Tyra Banks

2.Reebok: new collection from Gigi Hadid to sexist scandal

For sports brand this week was full of events! It all started well: in the light collection was released with Gigi Hadid, and then presented the campaign “Women who change the world for the better,” which also starred Gigi, and Gal gadot and other stars.

But the location of this commercial for the Russian market came out with misfire: some network users outraged by the slogan “Move the needle the male approval on the face of a man” who posted the photo with the author of the feminist telegram-channel “Female power” Zalina Marshenkulova.

Модный дайджест: от парка развлечений Тайры Бэнкс до скандала с Reebok

Because of the criticism the brand has removed the original post:

Unfortunately, after the publication of some images, it became clear that part of the content may not be published on behalf of the brand according to the age policies of social network — written by the brand.

Commented on the situation itself Zalina. But there were many who praised the bold approach, which is very true: because first of all require new and innovative approaches in advertising, and as soon as there is something new and unusual — I criticize that.

3.Alina Sagitova starred in the first campaign for Puma

This week, sports brand Puma has introduced the skater and Olympic champion as their new Ambassador. 16-year-old athlete became the official face of the campaign “Be yourself”.

4.Hailey Baldwin has become the face of the collection “Nantucket” from Max Mara

Haley, who this week along with Justin Bieber posed for the cover of American Vogue, became the face of the capsule collection by Weekend Max Mara “Nantucket”.

It is interesting to note that in the creation of line attended the American interior designer Anthony Baratta, the collection is inspired by the famous summer resort on Cape cod in Massachusetts.

5.Lenny and Zoe Kravitz co-starred together in an advertising campaign

Brand Tumi, who specializiruetsya in the production of goods for travel, has launched a new global campaign, which heroes of steel actress and model Zoe Kravitz and her father, musician lenny Kravitz.

For me this campaign is about reconnecting with himself, his family, to each other. I liked the idea of the campaign, which tells the story of travel, family and getting back to basics,

— shared Zoe, which, by the way, not long ago, repeated the famous photo shoot of your mom for Rolling Stone magazine.

6.Taisiya Vilkova starred in advertising merchandise groups OQJAV

The actress became the heroine of a fashion shoot brand Cisum Chrem, which specializiruetsya on creating merchandise. This time brand has released a line dedicated to the work of the group OQJAV clothes moved to scribble songs, and participate in a photo shoot together with Taisiya was taken and the soloist of group Vadim Korolev.

Модный дайджест: от парка развлечений Тайры Бэнкс до скандала с Reebok Taisiya Vilkova and Vadim Korolev

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