Модный дайджест: от экскурсии с Карли Клосс в ателье Dior до переработки обуви

Karlie Kloss

This week all eyes were on the fashion shows in new York, but in our traditional digest we tell what else is going on in the industry outside of the catwalks.

1.Karlie Kloss had a tour in the Atelier Dior

Famous model Karlie Kloss, which at fashion Week in new York had time to rest and to work, have shared a new video on his YouTube channel Klossy. This time the celebrity has realized the dream of many fans of high fashion: Carly had a tour in the Atelier Dior and interviewed the creative Director of the brand Maria Grazia chiuri.

Модный дайджест: от экскурсии с Карли Клосс в ателье Dior до переработки обуви Karlie KlossМодный дайджест: от экскурсии с Карли Клосс в ателье Dior до переработки обуви Maria Grazia chiuri and Karlie Kloss

Also, thanks to the tour, fans can learn how is the preparation for the show — video shot just before the couture fashion Week in Paris, where Dior has turned the presentation of the collection in a real circus show.

2.Designer Philipp plein has salamil a journalist who criticized his show

The Philipp Plein show in new York this week rather discussed under the heading “Scandals” than “Fashion”. The reason for this was a fraudulent contract with PLANO made on behalf of Kanye West. But the unpleasant situation did not end in the first place for fashion editors, after all, look for clothes from PLANO fun is highly questionable.

Your emotions from the show did not sugarcoat and journalist Alexander Mondalek — the girl who writes for several publications, critical about the organization of the show (seats missed out) and the collection (Mondalek called tragic) in his article for the Fashionista in Twitter.

Модный дайджест: от экскурсии с Карли Клосс в ателье Dior до переработки обуви “The one who praises PLANO, do it for the money or just have no taste”

The words of the journalist, it seems, strongly hooked PLANO — he took the trouble to find an old photo of Alexandra and published in my stories, adding rather angry and offensive comments and smileys.

Mondalek not leave it unattended.

Oh my God, Philipp plein tetramic me!

she wrote in her blog.

The fashion world has condemned the trick of PLANO — many have called this behavior of the designer is not just unacceptable but also ridiculous and funny.

3.Vagabond runs the program for the processing of shoes

The Swedish Shoe brand Vagabond in the beginning of the year has announced the launch of a program for the processing of shoes that the brand has organized jointly with the company i:Collect. Now the campaign has come to Russian buyers. On February 22 everyone will be able to take to the stores old and unwanted shoes and receive a discount voucher (for two pairs give one voucher).

Модный дайджест: от экскурсии с Карли Клосс в ателье Dior до переработки обуви

Previously, the program Bring Back Shoe launched in the Vagabond stores in Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark. Earlier recycling programs have begun to offer clothing brands, including H&M and Sela.

4.Alexandra Bortech and Margarita Mamun attended the opening of TAG Heuer boutique

12 February in “Crocus city Mall” opened a new boutique of Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer. In honor of this event, have a party, which looked and celebrity fans of the brand, including Alexandra Bortech and Margarita Mamun. Together with other guests of the evening, celebrities are not only rested, but also appreciated the new models from carbon.

5.Model Victoria’s Secret celebrated the Day of St. Valentine

To celebrate or not to celebrate Valentine’s Day a personal matter, but the brands, of course, do not miss the opportunity to join the market presents. Shortly before the feast of the new items introduced and the brand Victoria’s Secret. At the presentation in Beverly hills new lingerie and loungewear presented the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret Jasmine tookes, then Strayed.

6.Brand Bershka has released a commemorative collection of photos of Kurt Cobain

The 90s still remain in the trend — the fashionistas of the new generation with enthusiasm to try on iconic items of the era. For those who caught the “dashing” years young, and those who are just discovering the culture of those years, the brand Bershka has released a collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts with the image of Kurt Cobain, one of the main idols music fans from the 90’s. Stuff will be in stores in mid-February.

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