Модный дайджест: блогеры подражают Ким Кардашьян, а отец Меган Маркл идет в дизайнеры

While in the fashion world the calm before the storm of the September fashion weeks in the news space in the main there are reports of fresh collaborations or marketing research, calling Kim Kardashian a “dangerous person” and the mods have to satisfy your aesthetic hunger, considering the clothes the stars from the red carpet. But in the new season we are obviously waiting for the many fashion adventures: the father of Meghan Markle decided to become a designer, and the harsh Siberian has released a collection of straitjackets. About what else was happening in the world of fashion, read our digest.

1.Bloggers Instagram imitating Kim Kardashian

Advertising campaign new sneaker Kanye West Yeezy 350 Boost with the participation of Kim Kardashian provoked a strong reaction from users of the network. Strange pose of the model was inspired by Internet trolls on a whole series of memes.

However, not all bloggers are willing to laugh at star. As it turned out, in addition to his wife Kanye brought to the campaign of influencers: photographer Richard Kern posed YouTube-blogger brad Hall, model lexi wood, photographer and producer Rebecca Hearn, designer Sami Miro, stylist Ibn Jasper and others. The style of shooting has not changed — all participants are in their beds not always natural poses.

2. Stella McCartney launches a line of sneakers designer

The designer is known for its reverent attitude to the protection of the environment. Stella, do not consume meat, and in his work finds a way to draw attention to environmental problems. For example, shooting one of the advertising campaigns of the brand took place at the dump. In the week in his Instagram account, the designer has posted photos and videos with new Loop sneakers Sneaker which can be totally recycled for secondary use.

McCartney called them the eco-safe the range of the brand at the moment. All about the new technology: in the manufacture of shoes is not used glue, and the upper part connects to the sole by means of special grooves like the designer items. Available will be both male and female models of high-tech innovations in different colors.


3. In Tomsk there has passed display of fashionable straitjackets

As they say, everyone is crazy in their own way. Now you can do that by staying on the style. Siberian art group “snoo-snoo” presented the author’s collection of straitjackets called “Hands become…”.

For the creation of 12 shirts in the manufacture of which were used not only cloth but also plastic film, left a month. To find an outfit to taste (and diagnosis) is not difficult. Among the models were the options, inspired by the Russian folk costume with a Royal mantle.

4. The father of Meghan Markle leaned in designers

It seems that the fashion industry will soon have a new name. During the week, many Western media reported that the father of the Duchess of Sussex, delivered already a bit of a headache the entire Royal family of his interviews, is going to establish own brand. The reason for the rumors was a tweet of his eldest daughter Samantha Markle, which reported the news in his microblog.

Looking forward to a new line of clothes for men from my father! I’ll keep you posted

— wrote older half-sister Megan Markle.

Модный дайджест: блогеры подражают Ким Кардашьян, а отец Меган Маркл идет в дизайнеры

Official statements about the future plans from the usually talkative Thomas Markle has not yet been reported.

Модный дайджест: блогеры подражают Ким Кардашьян, а отец Меган Маркл идет в дизайнеры Thomas Markle

5. For the premiere of the film “Gogol. A terrible revenge” will be released a special capsule collection

Fans of Russian Thriller based on the works of Gogol, will soon be able to add to your wardrobe. Designer Alexander Arutyunov, who founded their brand in 2011, has released a capsule collection exclusively for the continuation of the cash picture. The public line will be presented during a social premiere to be held in the capital’s cinema “October” on 21 August where sweatshirts and hoodies, which formed the basis of the collection, try on the stars of the film “Gogol. A terrible revenge”.

All models are decorated with two stripes: red, put the name of the film, and white — the words “mystery”, “dream”, “love”, “fear”, which, according to the author of the collection best describe the work of Gogol. In the campaign, which took place in evoking a mystical mood to the interiors, starred well-known actors, Artem Tkachenko, Julia Franz and Kirill Zaytsev, but the photographer made Roman Erofeev.

6. Claire white Keller has released the first running shoes for Givenchy

Luxury brands continue to try to interest a younger audience that is crazy about street fashion. The creative Director of French fashion house, known for more elegant outfits like wedding dresses Meghan Markle, has created his first athletic shoes for the brand, and it is clearly different from the former Givenchy sneakers. Design became more brutal: these can be conquered not so much Instagram, how many mountains.

Borrowed Keller and elements of the underlying “ugly” fashion, such as massive insertion on the sole. In addition to classic black, the model will be available in red and blue colors. The boots are also equipped with a zip front, a knit and a chunky white heel cap with the logo image.