Farewell to George Michael: the man who was Christmas

Прощание с Джорджем Майклом: человек, без которого не было Рождества Millions of fans around the world mourn idol. The famous singer died on the 54th year of life. With his name for many years was associated the preparation for the most awaited holiday. The death of a true legend of pop music coincided with the day when millions of people around the world are waiting for a Christmas miracle.

      Прощание с Джорджем Майклом: человек, без которого не было Рождества

      Expiring 2016 gave another sad event a few hours ago it became known that died pop singer and composer George Michael. The famous artist, according to media reports, his heart stopped – he “died peacefully at home.”

      The whole world loved him for songs such as Careless Whisper, Jesus to a child, Fastlove, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Freedom. His work is more associated with the late 80s – early 90-ies of the last outstanding musical period, when it was still a strong melodic tradition, ends the era of the Internet, computer music and outrageous.

      The sudden death of George Michael shocked the world

      At the beginning of the new Millennium George was still trying to experiment with new musical trends – take in examples or songs Freeek Shoot the Dog, but compared to previous hits, they failed. In the mid-2000s, his name was flashed in the media exclusively with a negative connotation – has been written about his drug addiction, problems with alcohol, and with the police, he could not find a common language. But his show differed extremely soft and light flow. The artist considered very intelligent, despite a train of scandals.

      Прощание с Джорджем Майклом: человек, без которого не было Рождества

      The author of these lines was lucky enough to attend the concerts of George Michael in 2007, when he returned after 15 years of silence with a triumphant tour “25 live”, about which he wrote “farewell”. During his speech, he could laugh at himself (e.g., he came out with a suit of the police – thereby alluding to his problems with the law), was a block of serious songs about world issues. There were even life-size dolls depicting the then Prime Minister of England Tony Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush.

      The artist surprised the world with an unthinkable three-story set, which was built around a huge screen that hung in a movie theater, and, curving waterfall “flowed” across the stage and down below, almost in the crowd. On this screen, the computer can give any background to show movies and cartoons, the changing scenery at least every second. Note that ten years ago a similar show was new, but Michael can boast of such performances could only be Madonna. 10 years ago George Michael impressed the audience with their excellent physical and vocal form. Refreshed and melodisi singer for nearly two hours surprised the audience. Amid all this splendor Michael was dressed in ordinary, but stylish black suit, black t-shirt, fashionable eyewear. This was clearly a special idea is not to push themselves, and to show the beauty of the scene and to focus on the music.

      Many are now busy pre-Christmas hassle, and wherever he had to go, the process is traditionally accompanied by Christmas music. Top of the list for the legendary song Last Christmas song by George Michael. We can say that she immortalized his name. It is symbolic that he passed away exactly on Christmas day.