Farewell to a legend: Oleg Popov will be buried in a clown suit

Прощание с легендой: Олега Попова похоронят в костюме клоуна

In the Rostov circus held a farewell to Oleg Popov. Sunny the clown the last time he appeared in the arena. It, in circus costume, will be buried in Germany.

Despite the fact that the beginning of the memorial service was scheduled for 10 am, at nine in about the building of the circus was a huge number of people – carrying balloons, toys, flowers, bandaged nose. To say goodbye to a legend of Soviet and Russian circus people came from small to large – the elderly, young people, parents with young children. Rostovchanka Elena Klinovsky time off from work to honor the memory of a great artist, “My generation literally grew up on the speeches, Pencil and Sunny the clown. For me, this event means the end of the era of great artists that have totally and completely given to the beloved. I want my children and grandchildren, too, had worthy idols. Want all the old traditions of the Russian circus was alive and passed from generation to generation.”

Farewell to the legend took place in the arena of the Rostov circus and was accompanied by visuals: on the big screen were broadcasting photos from the performances of Oleg Popov of different times. People were coming in an endless flow. A memorial service came not only the inhabitants of our city, there were guests from Krasnodar, St.-Petersburg, Moscow – including ordinary people and prominent art figures, representatives of the circus community. Margarita Kokhanova, the Director of the Krasnodar state circus: “Oleg Popov played in Krasnodar, in the 76th year. We have kept a photo of his speeches and a few props. I arrived at the memorial service, because otherwise it is impossible – Oleg Konstantinovich was a Keeper of the old circus traditions, he is a legend and his passing is a great loss for us all.”

Director of the St. Petersburg state circus Michael Smorodkin: “the last time I saw Oleg Konstantinovich in April, he addressed us in the circus. From the first minute I felt him deep sympathy and respect, he is like a father gave good advice about what and how to organize things to work on. Actually, he had a great sense of humor. During the tour, he often came into the office, we drank tea and Oleg Konstantinovich telling jokes and funny stories from life. In our Museum when the circus holds its famous plaid cap. As soon as I received sad news from Rostov, the first thing I thought of is we need to organize in the dressing room of any memorial plaque on a door in the room where he dressed and rested between performances. To perpetuate his name? But perhaps it is not perpetuated? He will remain in the memory of millions.”

Oleg Chesnokov, the producer of the tour says that the solar clown entirely on what did not complain: “I worked with Oleg Popov three years. He was cheerful, genial, sociable. So it remained until the last days. It felt good, present at the rehearsals, making plans for the future. No one could have imagined that it would happen that way. We’ll continue the show in memory of this great artist.”

Edgard Zapashny, too, believes Oleg Popov legend: “His name will forever remain in the history of world circus. The last time I saw him in April when he came on tour to St. Petersburg. Today in the Russian circus left figure of this magnitude. This is a big loss for all of us. I offer sincere condolences to the family”.

But what they say about Oleg Popov his close colleagues, with whom he last spoke. The head of the numbers of walkers Hadzhikurbanova Fatima: “in the morning the people go in an endless flow. Says a lot of words, read a lot of telegrams. But they are all sad, sad. But it was Sunny the clown. To be sure to tell him about something fun. At last before parting with Oleg Konstantinovich speech I have a broken fan, donated by the artist specially for the new image Carmen. Going to keep it. Leaving to the audience to bow during the last words the memoirs of Oleg Popov, we all were in tears, and the audience behaved with great restraint. Before parting Requiem to Rostov has arrived the daughter of Oleg Konstantinovich Olga. The program she liked. She gave us, artists, are some tips, including my husband, canadahttp. Because in the past she was a dancer on the rope. But to sit next to his father at the funeral she could not. Ran to the second floor. I’m not going to work with this program, I began to cooperate with the show only because of Antonov. Now that he’s gone, I will be hard”.

Valentin Sosic, tightrope Walker: “it’s Hard to say. Oleg Konstantinovich was very good and funny and rehearsed and worked actively together with us, young. He always told us: “smile, Smile always, because laughter prolongs life.” And he followed this statement. I will always remember him that way.”

Olga Illinova tamer: “Oleg Popov, we met personally on tour in Vladivostok, in the 70-ies. He belonged to the young artists with great love. The artist said to me: “Olga, take her bear and went to speak”. And then, on reflection, he added: “You will not leave their animals. Continue to speak, don’t you ever leave the circus.” He lived according to this principle, did not think to leave the circus, played until the last days. Despite its popularity, there was no pathos, he always was very calm. You know, stars burn, and the priests… it glows from within.”

A speech was made by Edgar Zapashny, Director of the state circus Dmitry Ivanov, the Director of the Rostov circus Dmitry Reznichenko. Was read the telegram from Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

A touching speech was made by the wife of Oleg Popov Gabriela:

— We are 28 years lived and played together in the arena. So many kind words were said, but I know he would like to say to all of you. He loved his audience. We have him in Germany there is a house in the village, where we were happy. This is a very beautiful place, like a piece of Swiss. And he always wanted to stay there. I’ll take him with me, but I want to let you know, his heart will always remain in Russia. He loved his home and you. Thank you.

Admirers of the artist and concerned people accompanied Oleg Popov from the circus to the funeral car. Tonight Sunny the clown will send a special flight from Moscow to Germany, where the ninth of November there will be a funeral. The city authorities approved the idea of erecting a monument to the legend of the circus in Rostov-on-don.

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