Fans worried for the health of Darya Pynzar

Поклонники переживают за здоровье Дарьи Пынзарь A young mother complained of a terrible feeling. Daria Pynzar was seriously disturbed due to serious virus. The star of “House-2” is afraid that can infect his two children, the youngest of whom was six months. Care sons took Daria’s husband Sergey.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” and the mother of two boys, Daria Pynzar not seriously hurt. About your feeling awful star told fans, published a troubling post on Twitter. Daria admitted that not long ago felt so bad and asked for support from subscribers.

      “Ill. Have pity on me. So I feel terrible,” complained the ex-participant of “House-2”, posting a picture that captured her lying on the bed. Next to Daria, only a soft toy and a cat.

      A young mother is going through not only for himself but for his two sons – five-month five-year Artem and David. There is always a risk of infecting babies, who are more susceptible to viruses than adults. Fans Pynzar not have to wait long, and immediately responded to a request from Dashi to pity her.

      “Dasha, get well, please. Serezha now you teas are delicious to drink and help,” “get Well, Dashenka!”, “Dashulechka, get well! I will let you buy cranberries and make juice. This vitamin bomb! Immediately will start to recover”, “a Speedy recovery! Moms to be sick, no way”, “get Well soon. And children take care not to infect the” “poor thing, eat more vitamins, darling! Get well soon, sweetheart!”, – write to Daria for her fans.

      It is obvious that child care at the time of illness Dasha took her husband Sergei Pynzar. The young mother says nothing about it, but fans of the pair are sure that this is so, because in this family we care about each other and share responsibilities equally.

      By the way, in December Sergei and Daria Pynzar to change the place of residence. Sergey and Daria Pynzar move into a posh house

      Six months ago, the family of the former participants “House-2” bought a two-story house in the suburban village of “Sport town” is 15 km from the capital. About moving the wife thought after the birth of the second child. The area of the cottage is 120 square meters. Construction work is almost completed, will soon begin the preparatory phase, and then finishing and finishing. Wife with great inspiration and optimism are preparing to move into a new family nest.

      “We have long dreamed to live in the house, said “StarHit” Daria Pynzar. – I want the Theme and David grew up in the fresh air of the forest. In addition, it is likely we will not stop on two children, and then just need a big house.”