Fans worried about the skinny husband of Evelina Bledans

Фанаты переживают за исхудавшего мужа Эвелины Бледанс

A few months ago the husband of Evelina Bledans, Alexander Semin began a new life for himself. Was this changing the principle of nutrition and lifestyle in General.

Alexander decided to change and was extremely persistent in achieving his goal. Now the man just does not know: the once-portly producer was a real looker. But fans of the couple Evelina and Alexander now, though I praise it, what results they have achieved Semin, insist that to keep the pace up but no more.

“Malinochka, perhaps your spouse no longer need to lose weight, he’s in great shape, now muscle can pump up😉, you are amazing, son, sweet, sweet!”, “Hubby is quite thin, no longer need) so good!”, “Lost sooooo much🙈 I’d say it too! Be healthy🙄”, “Dad no longer losing weight! Enough already…” – said fans, obviously missed the past volumes Semin.

However, as is often the case, there are those who are willing to self-congratulation: “”Wow! Husband what you have done! Looks great”, “How to change people, when losing weight!Younger instantly. 👍 … “, “Oh how cool spouse fit👏👏👏direct well done)with a good wife and husband become more beautiful)”, “Wow. What is your husband postroynevshy👍👍👍🍓”, “Husband doesn’t really thin !!! Bravo!!”.

Note that it is most likely not the last role in the desire to lose weight Semin were the words of fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, who in February of this year said that under the excess weight hides the handsome man: “Alexander, the third husband of our heroine, it Evelyn gave birth to her second son – the baby Seeds. I know that in this marriage, the actress very happy. I can only wish one thing – Sasha should be put on a diet. If he will be able to lose 15 pounds will be just beautiful”.