Fans worried about the mental state of Ekaterina Andreeva

Поклонники переживают за психическое состояние Екатерины Андреевой Fans surprised by the latest entries in the microblog TV presenter. Some netizens felt that the star of the live sets out messy thoughts. On the personal page in Instagram Andreeva tried to make excuses for the jacket, which appeared in one of the latest programs.

Subscribers microblog Ekaterina Andreeva noticed some strange behavior of the presenter. Users of the popular social Network “Instagram” called the last post on the page of the presenter of the program “Time” confused.

Recently, a woman surprised viewers with a jacket that says too late that she had chosen for airing. According to some fans of the celebrity in this phrase is hidden the secret meaning. Andreeva hastened to explain that it is not so. She posted the picture, which shows a print with a cat and a glass. In the caption to frame Catherine left a few suggestions that, in the opinion of the followers, absolutely not related to each other.

“What kind of secret signs? It is poured from the cat in the glass? He drinks red? The fortified? Dry? Already too late to think about it. We will write a letter to the firm, so they are new to the embroidery on the jacket did. The night is young. All OK. I love life. I love you, Russia, my dear Russia. Don’t give up, cadets. The first channel – forever,” – said Andreev.

Many netizens couldn’t understand the meaning of the message Catherine, therefore, considered appropriate to assume that the presenter have some mental problems. “Yes, she thought on thought jumps faster than the pressure from my grandfather,” said one commenter. Tired of criticism, Andreev decided to respond to the spiteful critics.

“Went to the roof, and here you are absolutely right. Those who are in the vast “Instagram” looking for hidden meaning in the design of labels on my jacket. And this post is a humorous response to these observers. Or are you not in the topic? What then harnessed? And remember – I love intelligent comments, not Popovichenko sophomoric from the garden on the roof. If you write, write it is interesting,” said TV presenter detractors.

Recall that Andreeva is an active user of popular social networks. As a rule, the woman is sharing with fans videos from trips and travels and also posts videos of workouts. Most followers of the presenter never ceases to amaze how she manage to look so good. Some women try to find out the beauty secrets of celebrities. Catherine is not hiding anything, so he often tells fans about daily routine, daily diet and cosmetic procedures they use.