Fans worried about the health of a pregnant Teona Dolnikova

Поклонники беспокоятся за здоровье беременной Теоны Дольниковой Doctors prescribed to the expectant mother on bed rest. Teona Dolnikova tries to keep a calm and positive attitude. The actress, who is at a decent time of waiting for a baby, even in sickness found advantages. She taken care of his friends, who do not allow it to be bored alone.

      Actress and singer Teona Dolnikova was and give the fans seriously excited for her well-being. The actress, who is a fairly decent pregnancy, made it clear that outright hurts. The doctors recommended her bed rest, the expectant mother strictly follows all instructions of doctors. We are talking not only about her health but about the state of the baby she is carrying under her heart.

      However, forced not just to stay home and spend time in bed, Teona Dolnikova was not discouraged, and even saw his illness advantages. Actress visit friends, they bring with them sweet treats, entertain Theon a pleasant conversation, but because of the expectant mother in a wonderful mood.

      “I came by today to visit my lovely beauty Vera Orlova. In General, to be honest, bed rest and lying at home is great! All you visit. Feel, the weekend will also be notable. I love cakes, I love people”, signed Teona Dolnikova joint with a friend photo.

      Friend Teona also published a photo of her, shot from a different angle. It is perfectly visible how the shape of the actress. Pregnancy Dolnikova to face.

      Fans, worried about the news about the poor health of their beloved artist and wished Him a speedy recovery, noting that she now can not hurt in any case.

      “Houses and walls help. Take care of yourself, Theon!”, “Tenochca! No pain! You can’t, my darling!”, “Theon, come on!”, “Tenochca not get sick and be happy! We love you very much!”, – try to maintain the good word of the future mother of her followers.

      Recall that Theon Dolnikova expecting a baby, the General public became aware just a couple of weeks ago. The artist quite a long time managed to hide the news about the upcoming addition, but over time it became hard to hide changed shape. Teona Dolnikova expecting a baby

      The father of the future baby Teona is actor Maxim Schegolev, with whom she meets for about a year. The firstborn of the singer and her lover will be born probably in late March. The sex of the child, his parents prefer to keep secret.