Fans worried about Polina Gagarina

Поклонники переживают за Полину Гагарину
On April 26 the family of a popular singer Polina Gagarina happy event happened, she gave birth to a daughter.

Поклонники переживают за Полину Гагарину

Since that time it’s only been 2 weeks, but Pauline has already started to work.

Поклонники переживают за Полину Гагарину

A young mother has placed in his microblog the rehearsal video of the new rooms on the song “no more Drama”.

“All the holiday, may 9! Though the sky today and gloomy, but peaceful, and this is happiness! And today we first met with his beloved team and how to be rehearsed, as much as 2 hours, and this whole “eternity” for nursing moms! Catch the first live performance!” – said the actress to the subscribers.

In the video you can see that Polina is in great shape and shows a gorgeous voice data.

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