Fans worried about Nastassja Samburski. The actress anorexia?

Поклонники переживают за Настасью Самбурскую. У актрисы анорексия?

Nastasya Samburski and sports are almost synonymous. The actress loves the gym and is ready to spend for training all the time. Daily, the former star of “Uni” shares with his followers a photo and pictures before, during, or after a workout, showing off their achievements and motivated to follow her example. That’s only until someone admires the what results have been achieved Samburski, her fans have hit the alarm. The fact that for many followers of the star, it was wasted training and have ceased to be similar to the one Nastastie to which they are accustomed.

In the short term Samburski noticeably thinner. Some of her admirers even suspect that the actress could begin anorexia. “It’s all Nasty? What happened to her?”, “Is it me or she initial stage of anorexia?”, “That’s not cool! So thin…”, “Turned into a skeleton… sick?” — guessing fans.

While some survive, others claim that the concern reasons. The reason for sudden weight loss Samburski is the upcoming the summer season (the actress, apparently, wants to meet in a beautiful body), and pressure of work. The fact that Nastasia as Mary-semiblock, undertook immediately several projects and successfully employs.

We are talking about the game in theater and the constant rehearsals and two TV programs: “General cleaning” and a cooking column in the show “Friday morning”.

Don’t forget that Nastasia is actively recording new songs under the guidance of his producer Victor Drobysh. And recently, Nastasia has announced that the upcoming summer will hold. “I realized that this summer, without a vacation. Will not be a bikini… with a cocktail on a lounger with a five-meter pareo on the beach, on a donut in the pool with legs in the warm sand. Will not tan. But it will be a happy old age! And a servant with a glass of water!” — wrote Samburski in the social network.

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