Fans worried about being Zara

Фанаты беспокоятся за самочувствие Зары
Recently held the anniversary concert of composer Eugen Doga, which were popular singer Zara.

Фанаты беспокоятся за самочувствие Зары

The singer admitted that before the show she was on a drip.

The deterioration of health associated with too busy schedule.

“After all, music heals. Congratulated dear Evgeniy D. Doga, who gave the world so much beautiful music and performed a stunning Waltz from the film “My tender and gentle beast”. Thank you, my family, for their support and good wishes! Realized that I don’t iron man and should rest more. However, the work is not waiting. Tomorrow we fly to new York, where the same day I’m performing at Barclays Center, and the next day we’ll make something very interesting. And now again on a drip,” – said the artist in Instagram.

Fans of the troubled health of the beloved singer and wished her to get well.

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