Fans wondering about the reasons for the sudden divorce, Channing Tatum

Поклонники гадают о причинах внезапного развода Ченнинга Татума Some believe that the reason was the betrayal of men. Channing Tatum and Jenny Duan met more than 10 years ago. The couple are raising daughter Everly. For a long time they were a model couple, but apepi decided to leave.

In 2006, the screens out the film “Step up” with Channing Tatum and jenna Duan in the lead roles. Their affair beyond the stage – in 2009 they got married in Malibu. For many, their pair was a model and was considered one of the strongest in Hollywood. However, third APR young woman said that she and her husband decided to leave. She told her fans in the microblog. She noted that their love has remained the same, but nevertheless they had to leave.

“We have decided to cease to exist as a couple. We fell in love with each other many years ago and have been a wonderful journey together. Nothing has changed our love to each other, but love is a great adventure that now separates us in different ways,” shared reasoning Channing and Jenny.

Elastic raising daughter Everly, which at the end of may will be five years. The parents loved the baby and do everything that she grew up happy. Literally six months after the birth of a child, Jenny decided she would feed the heiress only plant food. Wife Channing Tatum is raising his daughter vegan

Despite the divorce, the spouses promise to pay as much attention beloved child. “We will always remain a family and be loving parents to Everly,” – said pair.

Jenny and Channing promised myself not to comment on the topic of divorce, however, said the main thing – what exactly was the reason for the breakup, although they admit their feelings to each other nothing has changed.

After the announcement about the divorce rumors that the man was cheating on his wife. However, sources from foreign tabloids claimed to the contrary – the reason lies elsewhere.

“No one else, this is just speculation, since they both have very busy working schedule in different locations and a small child at home. This happens even with the best marriages,” the journalists quoted the words close to a couple of people.

Actress Kristen bell has supported colleagues in their decision. She sees nothing special in the fact that after so many years of marriage, the spouses wanted to change. According to the star of the series “Veronica Mars,” not everyone knew for certain that happens in the family of celebrities. She believes that many idealize other people’s relationships, and therefore can not give an objective assessment of what is happening.

“Is it OK if after 10 years of marriage you still love the person, but I understand that you want something else, and the same feels different. And no need to break the heart. This may be the most sensible thing for both and can be the best example for children,” says Kristen.

Fans still can’t believe in the separation of the couple and hope that soon they will reconcile and be together again.

Based on the articles of the People, E!News.