Fans unhappy with the way Nyusha “lost her looks” after the wedding

Фанаты недовольны тем, как Нюша «подурнела» после свадьбы
The singer had a failed experiment with appearance.


Photo: @nyusha_nyusha (Instagram Nyusha)

Nyusha decided to experiment with appearance. Specially for the performance at Big Love Show 2018 27-year-old actress made a new hairstyle: braided long curls in dreadlocks. The singer did not understand, like her new image or not, so I asked for advice from fans. And those suddenly launched into the revelation that Jane “lost her looks” after the wedding.

Nyusha obviously did not expect such a “feedback” from fans. “Eyebrows — the horror! What’s with the hair at the roots? Gray hair? And the teeth… Don’t know Nyusha. Always been a beauty, but now…”, “Photos of my favorite Nyusha”, “Like a witch”, “Dreadlocks — it’s not yours. The impression that the head a month did not wash”, “the horror! Why so disfigure!”, “Was beauty, and now the grandmother is similar”, “This appearance is still necessary to try to ruin”, “a Quiet horror… This influence husband?”— surprised the fans.

Not so long ago, the Network discussed the reaction of the husband of the singer on the rumors about her infidelities. Recently, detractors have tried to destroy the family idyll Nyusha and Igor Sivova. The husband of the singer “told” that the artist can supposedly cheat on him with an ex — boyfriend Egor Creed. And the reason for such bold statements have become… huskies in social networks. Observant fans noted that Jane sometimes gives ex-lover. “Watch your wifey, so she doesn’t laykala Egorka,” wrote Igor. That, of course, such blatant and vile commentary was outraged to the depths. Sivov emotionally reacted to the provocation Hayter. In response, the singer’s husband asked the author to look only at themselves and their lives, making it clear that he does not believe in spreading gossip.