Fans Sviridova fell in love with her eldest son

Фанаты Свиридовой влюбились в ее старшего сына The singer often shares with fans snapshots from performances or trips abroad. However, Sviridov rarely pleases followers with photos from her sons, so fans were surprised when they saw a new picture of a star with her eldest heir.
Фанаты Свиридовой влюбились в ее старшего сына

Star 90s, Alena Sviridova staged a long-awaited meeting with his eldest son. 33-year-old Basil, born in the first marriage of the actress, lives with her father Sergei for many years in Canada. Recently the singer has reunited with the heir in Paris.

The singer shared the snapshot on which they are sitting on the porch of one of the cozy cafes of the French capital. Fans of the star were surprised to see mother and son together. Some fans are delighted with the appearance of the actress, noting that she looks great.

“That, son? Wow! How cool!”, “Handsome son ! And Yes mom, that’s it! A young and talented!”, “What a beautiful boy and Mama, adorable couple!”, wrote the followers of the star.

Star rarely shares details about the life of the older heir. However, in one interview the singer gave to understand that the young man has not yet found his future wife, and more focused on becoming a programmer. Alena Sviridova check daughter-in-law to the disease

Recall that the actress was married three times. The first time she went down the aisle in 18 years. Years later, the singer told how she was overwhelmed by the love of Sergei. However, their relationship was not strong, Alena was interested in other men.

“Sergei Sviridov, I am very grateful. I was eighteen when we got married. Not head wind – storm! I tried life, sometimes committed indiscretions and something to hide, he instructed his wife of Rog. And he behaved like a man: do not condemn, not abused, leaving time to return”, – said Sviridov in conversation with Andrey Malakhov.

By the way, Alena brings a 14-year-old Gregory, who was born in a civil marriage star fashion Dmitry Miroshnichenko. The boy is studying in the cadet corps.