Fans suspected Podolsk in pregnancy due to swollen face

Поклонники заподозрили Подольскую в беременности из-за опухшего лица

Last summer Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov became parents. The couple had their first baby together – a son, whom they decided to name Artemia. With the advent of the baby in the family, their life has changed dramatically. Of course, these changes were positive in nature.

But this couple decided not to stop and start to think about having another child.

Fans of the couple have suggested that this may occur in the near future, because, in their conjectures, Podolsky at the moment is pregnant.

The reason for such speculation is a new publication of Natalia in the network.

A new picture wife Presnyakov doesn’t look like herself. Usually lean and slender Natalia, it looks too plump.

While some followers were confident in their conclusions about pregnancy Natalia, others prefer to sort out a few more options, why the face of the singer is so different.

Put forward the version about allergic reactions, manipulation of beauty shots and banal fatigue, lack of sleep.

Meanwhile, reporters found that now Podolsky in concert at the Palace of culture Zheleznodorozhnikov in Novosibirsk. Probably those are right who said that Natasha did not sleep. For popular artists, traveling about the country, a healthy eight hours of sleep – a luxury.