Fans suspect Nastya Kamensky pregnant

Поклонники подозревают Настю Каменских в беременности The singer posted the picture, which through a loose cloak can be seen a small tummy. Fans immediately reacted to the shot and began to congratulate the girl with the upcoming addition to the family.

Fans actively follow the personal life of a star. And the picture of Nastya Kamenskih posing in a pink coat with a rounded belly, not remain without attention of the audience. The artist herself has not commented on the speculation of fans. Fans immediately reacted to the shot and started to question the girl whether or not she is pregnant.”Nastya, are You pregnant?”, “A delusion, if held over her belly, then pregnant”, “are You pregnant?!”, “I hope you’re pregnant,” left fans comments under the photo of Nastia. The actress did not respond to speculation.

Recall that last year, the singer Nastya Kamensky broke his leg, which caused a strong reaction of the fans.

Nastya Kamensky shared the horrific footage of the fall with a parachute

However, a month after an unfortunate jump with a parachute and operations popular singer went to rest. Nastya was in a positive mood and even mastered a new activity. The singer decided to do crafts. Kamensky began to weave bracelets, which are her friends. Nastya admitted that calms her down is the process of creating jewelry. Earlier, the actress was engaged in knitting and even bought coloring to relieve stress in between gigs. Girl friends nevsegda shared her Hobbies, but this did not prevent her to continue favorite activities. In the future Kamensky wants to organize the first exhibition of paintings, but so far she has too little time to do it seriously.

Nastya Kamenskih has a chance to go on vacation with a broken leg

The last time she spends a lot of time in the fresh air let. Last weekend, for example, the singer went to the forest for mushrooms.

“The magic Sunday. Happy every day, with my love,” signed by the artist.

Their sole singer carefully hides from prying eyes.