Fans suspect Beyonce new pregnancy

Фанаты заподозрили Бейонсе в новой беременности
Singer okroglice carefully hides the tummy.



Beyoncé fans believe that the singer
again expecting a child. This is the conclusion of her fans came a couple
weeks ago when she was just starting his speech as part of its new tour.
And the suspicions of the fans turned into certainty when the paparazzi managed
take a picture of the singer in London, who was returning with her husband Jay Z from
club. The wife was sitting up late in a popular by The Arts Club. And when they came out,
reporters noticed that Beyonce had pressed her hand to her stomach, as if protecting him with a gesture,
very typical for pregnant women. At the same time, dressed the singer was black
velvet dress is extremely casual style, securely hid her figure.

However, the fact that Beyonce,
which was always proud of his forms last time, even on stage clothed
dress is very specific cut, fans noticed earlier, when
the singer appeared at a concert for the first time after a year break. “She dresses
free capes, blazers, high-waisted, and the like. And all for the sake
in order to hide the stomach! Not only as she was again expecting a child!” — so
fans of the singer commented on the change in the style of her clothes. Moreover, the most
careful of the fans still managed, despite the “disguise” on the stage, to see her figure and say that her belly was already noticeably rounded.

If Beyonce really waiting for
child, this will be her fourth child. We will remind, the singer and her husband
a little daughter blue ivy, which this winter was 6 years old. Besides,
last summer, June 18th, Beyonce gave birth to lovely twins
which the parents are given some strange names – Sir and Rumi. Between
by the way, because one of the concerts of the tour came on the first day
the birth of twins, Beyonce took the opportunity to congratulate them touching right off the stage.