Fans shocked by the breakup of the winners of “House-2. The island of love”

Фанаты шокированы расставанием победителей «Дома-2. Остров любви» The young men had a fight after winning the first season of a project in the Seychelles and wrote about the social media posts. My opinion on the situation was expressed by Mexico, accused the boys of cheating. Fans of the reality show can’t believe that Barsikow and Pinchuk are no longer together and actively discuss what happened in the Internet.

      Not so long ago announced the results of the first season of “House-2. Love island” in the Seychelles. The winners of the project were Ivan Barzakov and Irina Pinchuk. Young people, significantly ahead of Mexico and Alexander Zadoinov, received the coveted million rubles. In the program of Barstow also made a proposal to his beloved. Irina happily replied “Yes”. However, recently the couple has started to experience difficulties in relationships. Ivan has published a mysterious post on Instagram, in which he made it clear that he is not going smoothly with the bride. According to Barsukova, Pinchuk has left him and returned to the Islands.

      The main womanizer “House-2” decided to marry

      “Friends, the situation is rotten. Today on the frontal of the Ira once said that in me she isn’t sure she broke up with me and decided to go to the island for the new season which is now. Despite the fact that I proposed, here they are, sincere feelings and “love” — shared Barsikow in social networks.

      Message Ivan caused heated discussions among fans of “House-2. The island of love”. Some of them have begun to demand that the couple brought back your winnings. Others tried to maintain a couple of tips, they say, lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless.

      My opinion on the situation was expressed by another finalist of “House-2. Love island” in the Seychelles. Mexico reported that from the beginning doubted the relationship of Borzikova and Pinchuk. According to the girl, their romance — “cheap spectacle”.

      Mexico on Zagainova: “the more we fought, the more I pulled for him”

      “I knew and was sure not one that island after Ivan and Irina parted! Everything turned out exactly as I said. Guys just cheated the spectators, who “happened” on this cheap show: tears, snot, love, offer hands and hearts and shit… But I know who won and do not get tired to shout about it…” — such an emotional post made Mexico.

      Frustrated fans a couple of Borzikova and Pinchuk have started to ask the finalists of the first season of the project in the Seychelles about what is happening in their relationship. Many could not believe that young people who, it seemed, was truly in love with each other, broke up. After some time, Ivan removed the post, made a lot of noise, and Irina wrote in her “Instagrame” that she’s okay and she’s in the clearing with him. In addition, Pinchuk has informed that does not plan to return to the Islands.

      “A lot of questions about what is happening. Don’t worry, we’re fine, we’re in a clearing and we are together. And the girls are already to go tomorrow to the island, tear it all,” said Irina Pinchuk.