Fans pray for the salvation of the life of a star of the TV series “Return of Mukhtar”

Поклонники молятся за спасение жизни звезды сериала «Возвращение Мухтара»
Ex-husband of Natalia Yunnikova spoke about the status of his wife.

Fans of the series “Return of Mukhtar” yesterday was shocked with terrible news: the star of the project Natalia Yunnikova was in intensive care, where doctors due to extensive bleeding in the brain have introduced her in an artificial coma. The latest news about the condition of the victim shared her ex-husband, Anton Fedotov.

Ex-husband told about what happened with Natalia and what predictions can give doctors. “Natasha has had a stroke, she was not on any feast. She was at home with my mom and our son Roland. She was taken to the hospital. The doctors put her in an artificial coma. Doctors say that now a lot depends on how will the body of Natasha,” — said Fedotov.

A post shared by Natalia Yunnikova (@muxtar.official) on Apr 22, 2016 at 9:49pm PDT

Natalia to carry out the operation the doctors do not recommend. “The surgery is not shown. I’m in touch with your doctors, keep abreast of, hope for the best…” — quoted by Anton

Fans, friends and colleagues pray for the health UNICOOL. In social networks there are a huge number of messages with wishes Natalie for a speedy recovery. Recall that in 2015 the young actor Alexey Yanin has also experienced a severe stroke and was put in a coma. Now he is gradually recovering, but the process, according to his wife, is very slow: only recently he began to speak, and now is undergoing another course of rehabilitation.