Fans pray for the health of Andrey Merzlikina

Поклонники молятся за здоровье Андрея Мерзликина The actor during the tour ended up in the hospital. Andrey Merzlikin went to the doctors immediately after a performance in Nizhny Novgorod. Famous artist decided to combine treatment of pneumonia with performances on stage. Fans Merzlikina ask him to take care of yourself.

      The star of the film “Brest fortress”, “Ladoga”, “homeland” and other, actor Andrew Merzlikin made fans worried. A famous actor has published in the microblog photo taken in the hospital. the picture shows that Merzlikin is on a drip. “If a person cannot find time to “reset” the Lord will arrange everything, so that’ll have to treat and give medical treatment, and give time to think! And the performance at the Bottom today was beautiful! Thank God for everything!” – written by Andrey Merzlikin in the picture.

      Realizing that their favorite artist is seriously ill, subscribers Merzlikina promised that they will pray for his speedy recovery.

      “Andrew, strength, health and strength!”, “Andrew, get well quick! God bless you and all the family!”, “Bless you, Andrew, and take care of yourself! Health in our time is the most precious thing in the world!”, “Andrew! God help you, food to the service, pray for your health”, “a Speedy recovery! Get well soon and take care! Good for you and all the best!”, “God bless you, and she faced the thought painfully familiar”, “get well soon, for God’s sake… Health! Maybe I need a holiday” – such comments and wishes of good health left in the microblog Merzlikina fans.

      A little later, the actor said that the illness sent him to the hospital bed. As it turned out, Andrey Merzlikin moved on feet viral infection that had complications and resulted in pneumonia. The actor thanked the doctors of the Nizhny Novgorod hospital, which quickly put him on his feet and allowed to continue the tour.

      “Friends, thank you for the words of support and prayers! I am on tour and use the services of local doctors! Excellent doctors, as Irina desyatnikova, the surgeon of the hospital number 5 of Nizhny Novgorod. Charming and attentive as were all the staff. Drip with antibiotics and vitamins! Sympathetic nurses!”, – written by Andrew Merzlikin under the doctor.

      Recall that the famous actor is also a wonderful family man. Andrew Merzlikin and his wife Anna have four children, the youngest of which is less than a year. Andrey Merzlikin receiving congratulations on the birth of their fourth child