Поклонники Жанны Эппле не оценили ее новый имидж Well-known actress changed her appearance. A new image of Jeanne Epple has caused conflicting emotions in her fans. They just got used to the color blonde, who recently did a star as it gave them a new surprise.

      Поклонники Жанны Эппле не оценили ее новый имидж

      Zhanna Epple is known for its extravagance. Famous actress prefers to look at the public bright and elegant. Many ladies can just envy the ability of Joan to pick up a beautiful haircut and unusual hair color.

      Russian audience Epple remembered as red-haired femme fatale. In this way, the actress starred in many films and television series. But not so long fiery head of hair she changed to a bright blonde.

      However, the experiments of the stars has not ended. Today it has published on his page in Instagram selfie, which made a lasting impression on fans. In the photo Jeanne is almost brunette. Such a transformation has caused conflicting emotions among the followers Epple.

      “Pretty”, “You light better! Or red,” “And I like this more than the light,” “No, red still brighter and more interesting and appetizing. The superclass”, “You are all, really, because You have the face and the color of the eyes expressive, be always young and cheerful, and the beauty within us”, “Divinely beautiful,” commented new photo of the actress her fans.
      Поклонники Жанны Эппле не оценили ее новый имидж

      We will remind, the popular actress Zhanna Epple played his first role back in 1987. For many years, his acting career the star has starred in dozens of films and TV series. Despite the fact that the actress with an enviable regularity appear on the screens, it does not always remain satisfied with their roles. So, Jeanne believes that has become a hostage of one image, which now see it, and filmmakers.

      “Much to my regret, I was invited mainly on the role of adults foolish women who out of place laugh out loud and cry often, and constantly lying in bed. It’s sad. Not because I don’t know how to cry or to laugh a lot, just wanted to try something different. But I’m not complaining, everyone has their own destiny. Actors, as a rule, the hostages in one role and exceptions in the profession so little that they can count on the fingers,” complains Epple.

      Zhanna Epple complained of dissatisfaction

      We will note, the actress became popular thanks to such films as “evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman”, the “Balzac age, or all men are bast…”, “Love under a signature stamp “top secret”.

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