Поклонники Яны Рудковской обеспокоены ее стремлением сбросить вес Star sat on a special diet due to which she has been able to lose weight by 5-6 pounds. Fans Rudkovskaya excited her desire to become even slimmer. According to them, the producer has such a petite body type, what to lose weight is impossible.

      Поклонники Яны Рудковской обеспокоены ее стремлением сбросить вес

      Most fans of Yana Rudkovskaya admire the figure of 41-year-old star. The woman who gave birth to two children, looks very young and fit. However, star believes that there is no limit to perfection, so decided to lose a few pounds. Fans were surprised, as most are of the opinion that Rudkovskaya and so is the owner too slender figure.

      Ian announced the start of the diet to the subscribers of his microblog. According to the businesswoman, the last time five days she has lost 5 pounds since ate only one yogurt. She sadly looks at the cookies, which feeds children and husband. The company Rudkovskaya in the struggle for harmony made Natalia Yakimchuk, the renowned designer of swimwear.

      “This diet helped me lose weight after the first and the second birth. The first day you need to drink only a yogurt, you can lose from 1 kg to 1,5 kg. the Second day of kefir and if you really want is to make a bouillon with egg and greens. Kefir drink as much as you want, you still will not drink much, a maximum of 1.5 liters I drink. You can make yogurt with herbs (dill), turned out as soup. This is important, because you want some variety. The third day you can add more yogurt because I, too, need variety, yogurt and drinking yogurt,” – said Rudkovskaya.

      On the fourth day of kefir diet can be added to drinking diet or regular yogurt. The last day for Breakfast is to drink the yogurt, lunch – yogurt and in the evening allowed to eat broth with egg. According to Jana, in less than a week you can forget about 5-6 pounds.

      Fans of the producer did not support her desire to lose weight. “Yana, this slim, about the diet cheated”, “You are so skinny, where minus five kilos”, “is there extra pounds? Do not see! Ian don’t forget about protein synthesis!”, “You and so very thin, forms no. A little more and the wind will blow” – wondered the subscribers microblog producer.

      By the way, the figure Rudkovskaya became the subject of controversy in social networks. Users even accused the woman of anorexia, as was surprised how Yana has a narrow waist and bony knees. Itself Rudkovskaya says that it weighs about 48 pounds, which is considered normal rate for her size. Yana Rudkovskaya told the truth about their own weight

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