Поклонники Владимира Преснякова шокированы неожиданными признаниями The actor gave a Frank interview, flirting with the lead. Vladimir Presnyakov said that he was tired of creative activity, but intends to conduct a large-scale concert in honor of the 50th anniversary. He also revealed strange details of the relationship with his son.

Vladimir Presnyakov-younger rarely pleases fans with candid details of his personal life. He has been happily married to Natalia Podolskaya, raising a young son and continues to make music. However, in a recent interview, the actor made a few shocking confessions. For example, he noted that often loses its creative spirit and interest in musical activities. According to Presnyakov, it is quite normal for the artist.

“I often write music that no one understands. Perhaps she will understand only after 500 thousand years. Sometimes there is a thought that I again steal from himself. As a result, it’s not that I was ashamed, I just was not interested to do all this. But, of course, the concerts, that’s different. My fans favorite really helped. Wrote that I in any case should not quit music,” he told Presnyakov.

Also the man told me of several funny incidents from family life. Recently, he was unable to remember the age of his own son. “There was something about eight in the morning. And I asked Natosi how old our baby? A 2.8 or 3.8? And she looked at me! Was just in shock, but I immediately remembered that 2.8” – smiled Vladimir.

However, most fans were surprised by the behavior Presnyakov in the finals program. The man started to ask, what will the leading Maria Rybakova after the broadcast.

“You where home? No? But where? I was just wondering,” said the artist.

Flirt with a leading Presnyakov surprised everyone present in the Studio, because a man during the whole interview was actively told about his feelings to his wife. Natalia Podolsky has not reacted to the statement of the spouse.

Some fans of the singer were surprised by his blatant behavior. There were those who suggested that the musician was in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. However, most fans of Vladimir came to the conclusion that eccentric statements he was just trying to draw attention to himself and his big solo concert, which will take place in late March.

Also the reason for the strange behavior of the actor could be his love of practical jokes. In the program “OK connected” Presnyakov said that his whole family loves unusual jokes, and so their house is always fun.