Fans of tori Karaseva cheering for her return

Фанаты Тори Карасевой ликуют из-за ее возвращения The girl made itself felt. Tori Karasev not been in touch with the fans over several months. Followers of a famous member of the “House-2” was concerned about her sudden disappearance, and made various guesses, what could happen to her.
Фанаты Тори Карасевой ликуют из-за ее возвращения

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Victoria Karasev for several months kept the fans in suspense – the girl suddenly stopped publishing pictures in social networks and have not been out of touch with the fans. The last entry in Instagram she did in mid-February.

Numerous followers could not understand what happened with the star of the famous electroni. However, tori continued to remain silent. Only four months later she published a picture in Instagram. Fans of relief is breathed about what tori’s all right. Fans hope that Karasev will continue to delight users Network your photos.

“Hurray, hurray, hurray, the tories as we were waiting for”, “tories, throw the photo, you’re cool. Want to know more about your life,” “where you been all this time? All are worried for you. Are you all right?”, “Welcome back, tori! We have lost,” wrote a follower.

Friend of the stars “House-2” Oleg said “StarHit” about her life. According to men, Karasev recently acquired a land plot in Pushkin district of Moscow region and built a two-storey cottage. Now the girl lives out of town. The disappearance of the tories from the online space, he explained the lack of Internet access. It is possible that the ex-participant reality show deliberately refuses to communicate with fans, not to be distracted from writing. Each Victoria Karaseva explained her mysterious disappearance

Many were interested in the relationship of tori and her lover, by Vyacheslav Dvorackova. The man hinted at the fact that they are no longer together. Fans were concerned that his microblog was missing photos of them together.

“Now Victoria and Fame are not together, he told “StarHit” Oleg. – Tori is out of town, engaged in the arrangement of life in your private home. Yet without access to the Internet, but in the near time intends to come back in the online space. Victoria also continues to pursue the recovery of lost health and work, preparing a new musical material and deals with writing your own books.”