Фанаты Татьяны Арнтгольц изводят избранницу Ивана Жидкова
Beloved actor insulting the fans of his ex-wife.

Ivan Zhidkov with Lilia Solovieva and son Stepan

Photo: @your.cali.girl Instagram

Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan jidkov divorced almost five years ago, and their fans still dream about the reunion of the pair. Ivan, meanwhile, already has another family. He lives in a civil marriage with Lilia Solovieva, who in October last year gave birth to his long awaited son. Pair for two years builds a happy family life. However, the idyll in the family Zhidkova is under constant pressure from the fans Arntgolts.

Fans literally plaguing the current darling Zhidkova comparison with Arntgolts. Day Lilies appear in the microblog comments that it is inferior to Tatyana in beauty, talent, women’s wisdom… She recently upset fans of the ex-wife of Ivan, who once again exposed her to criticism. “Oh my God, people! What is happening to you? Kinder be… like me! The fact that I’m no match for Taani, okay! She’s the unattainable idol. I’ll say Hello at the meeting. But to me what is wrong, old, and there is something else… with some room for pleasure at me signed. The question is, why? Why do you subscribe to the person whom you at least think is terrible? Surround yourself with beautiful people and beautiful things, then you’ll be happier…like us!”answered the detractors donâ Zhidkova.

While Arntgolts is friends with the current girlfriend of Ivan. Moreover, she trusts Lily care of her seven year old daughter Mary, who often lodged in the house of his father. Zhidkova and beloved in turn, not experiencing jealousy when actor overlaps in the work with his ex-wife. So, maybe fans of Tatiana’s time to accept the thought of parting Arntgolts and Jidkova?