Fans of “Star wars” got an unexpected gift

Фанаты «Звездных войн» получили неожиданный подарок
New heroes of the Saga could be even more interesting than the former

Фанаты «Звездных войн» получили неожиданный подарок

“Star wars. Episode VIII: the Last Jedi” (2017)


Director and screenwriter Ryan
Johnson, who is currently finalizing work on the next part of the Saga “Star
war” — “the Last Jedi”, received an unexpected proposal from the representatives of Lucasfilm. He had the opportunity to shoot three film space
epic. And Johnson, of course, could not refuse such an offer.

it is reported that these three films will be separate from the main story
trilogy. Their action will unfold in another part of the Universe. Therefore, as
assured the Director, he intends to introduce in the story a completely new, interesting

Saga was very pleased that they will have the opportunity to watch
new movies on your favorite topic. However, they had one question. When there was no question about the trilogy, it was announced that are in development
several “spin-offs” that is, the side branches of the main plot
dedicated to individual heroes. So, looking forward to fans of “Star
wars” were expecting the release of the film about the wise Jedi Obi-WAN Kenobi. Its like
it was reported, had to play again Ewan McGregor.

Still, at least one movie
was supposed to be about Han Solo, which was to transform
new performer of this role — Ehrenrich Alden, who replaced Harrison Ford. And
now it is not clear whether the new trilogy will be filmed instead of “spin-offs”, or
the fans are extremely lucky and in the coming years they will see at least another five
new movies Saga? As for the aforementioned “the Last Jedi”, this movie will appear on
screens very soon. Domestic viewers can watch it already
December of this year.

The team of the film “Star wars. Episode VIII: the Last Jedi” (2017)