Fans of sister Olga Buzova discuss her breakup with fiance

Фанаты сестры Ольги Бузовой обсуждают ее разрыв с женихом Netizens believe that the relationship of Anna cracking at the seams. Followers of Anna Buzova in Instagram trying to get details from the girl. While the businesswoman has not commented on these rumors.

      A few months ago, the country discussed the loud divorce of the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova and midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. In a recent interview with the media personality admitted that still can’t get over a bad breakup and she often cries, remembering the pain he had caused her beloved. The actress also noted that we were able to get out of depression only because of the great support of friends and relatives: friends, mother, father and sister Ani.

      Buzova broke down in tears while talking about the Tarasove

      It was not so much time as subscribers microblog last alarm: fans of the businesswoman decided that she recently broke up with her future husband. Some users of social networks assume that Anna went from beloved, but only had a fight with him.

      In any case, the followers are seriously concerned about possible rupture of the second halves and try to learn the details of the situation, asking Buzova Jr. questions in the comments. “My dear, you and your husband divorced?”, “Anya, is it true that you broke up with her husband?” – interested followers in Instagram.

      By the way, netizens suspect that both sisters had matured a difficult period. Some fans discuss not only break their relationship with loved ones, but also the possible argument between the sisters. Well-wishers genuinely concerned about the state of Affairs within the family Butovyh, and left numerous records in microblogs relatives.

      “Why do you have lately no photo with Olga? You had a fight?”, “And divorced, and had a fight. Work sister like Cinderella,” “Why do you quarrel with your sister?”, “Annie, why don’t you communicate with Olga?”, “No need to go into the relationship the native people, understand…”, “Anya, you and Olga have a fight?”, “You can’t fight, your enemies will be happy. You need each other”, “Why did you fight with your sister?” – ask subscribers businesswoman.

      Interestingly, two weeks ago a relative of a leading “House-2” was shared with the followers of the microblog, the first clip sisters. The beauty wrote in a post that is proud of the singer and believes the song “Used” is a real hit. Then the girl even wrote a big text, where he shared his thoughts about relationships with loved ones.

      “Each of us is the person who brought us a lot of pain. But when there is a sufficient amount of time, wounds heal, leaving anger and hatred, he remains in the heart of those who have brought a lot of happiness. After all, the real pain may cause only the closest person. And that’s the closest person gives you happiness. Be happy, don’t hurt their loved ones”.