Фанаты «Секретных материалов» оплакивают любимый сериал
David Duchovny offended by the behavior of Gillian Anderson.

Фанаты «Секретных материалов» оплакивают любимый сериал


David Duchovny, star of “Secret materials”, discouraged by the behavior of fans
show. Each time 57-year-old actor starts to interact with fans,
he asked the same question: is it true that the series is close? This
the question, as he admitted, absolutely drives him crazy. For now
the height of the next, 11-th season of the series, and David would like to
fans discussed it. Moreover,
he had the impression that the interest in the current season is almost
lost. And all because of the fact that a colleague on the series Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, announced that he was leaving the show,
and that gave rise to rumors of its closure…

“I think that now many are putting “the cart before the horse” when
discuss the end of “Secret materials”. Maybe we’d better talk about the current
season? We removed 10 different, I think, episodes. So why don’t they
enjoy! There is no sense to discuss what will happen next! “— said the actor,
not hiding irritation.

According to the detractors Duchovny, actor angry Anderson
due to the fact that she jumped the gun with his message of resignation. It seems that the fans do not believe that it without Gillian will be able to keep ratings of the show and it will not be closed.

Recall, the first season of “Secret materials”, was released on television screens back in 1993 and went on with
success up to 2002. Then, after 14-year hiatus, the decision was made
the resumption of the series was filmed 2 of the season — the 10th and the 11th, both
was also greeted by the audience with enthusiasm. But whether now,
as Anderson said resignation, filmed 12th season, nobody knows.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. A scene from season 11 of “the x-files”