Поклонников Ольги Бузовой попросили покинуть Владикавказ A few weeks ago there was a scandal about the upcoming performances star in one of the cities of the North Caucasus. Coach of Russia on free-style wrestling Tedeev Dzambolat the negatively expressed in the address of the singer. In his opinion, creativity Buzova a detrimental effect on young people, he says that many Ossetians would not want to see it in Vladikavkaz.
Поклонников Ольги Бузовой попросили покинуть Владикавказ

According to media reports, the authorities of Vladikavkaz will most likely cancel the concert of Olga Buzova in the city. But fans who bought tickets and want to attend the performance of the singer, will provide the buses, take them to Essentuki, where everyone can enjoy the creativity of the artist.

After the concert, celebrity fans will return back to his hometown. This was announced by the organizer of the performances Buzova in Vladikavkaz. He also explained that the situation that now exists in the Republic, does not inspire confidence in the safety of the fans and artists. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble the concert of the stars will be canceled. Information on the provision of transport for fans Buzova will be distributed through cash sogu originally planned presentation by Olga.

Director singer Aram Archer noticed that up to the present time cases of cancellation of the concerts Buzova was not.

“We have a cancellation does not happen. If only the important shooting, then make the transfer on other dates,” said Aram Archer.

We will remind, earlier coach of Russia in freestyle wrestling and a member of Parliament of North Ossetia, Tedeyev Dzambolat announced on Instagram that Buzova nothing to do in the Caucasus. In his opinion, her songs have the right message for young people.

“I want to talk about what to me are the inhabitants of our country who are concerned about the upcoming concert of Olga Buzova in Vladikavkaz. Here and now, sharing the righteous indignation of fellow, I absolutely agree with them and consider unacceptable the performance of the newly minted singer, the leading “House-2″ on the Ossetian land,” said the man.

Tedeev noted that he is concerned about the meaning of the songs Buzova and her costumes. In the opinion of men, it is impossible to predict in what outfits she will appear before the public and how the people of Ossetia will react to it. That’s why he intends to do everything possible to prevent performances of the actress in Vladikavkaz.

“You can hardly find reasons for meeting Buzova with our audience. In this regard I will communicate with the organizers of the concert, will give them this info and hope for their understanding,” wrote the man on Instagram.

And in the night from 27 to 28 April, Olga posted on social network sites corresponding video message, duplicating the call to go to the next town on the bus, it is rented for their fans.

“Vladikavkaz… Forgive me… I did it… Wanted to come to you, but the cruelty of some people has no borders,” concluded the artist.