Fans of Olga Buzova made a large-scale flashmob in support of

Поклонники  Ольги Бузовой устроили масштабный флешмоб в ее поддержку A few days ago, the celebrity presented his new musical composition. The reaction was mixed, however, most members praised the work of the presenter and began to massively sing the song.

      Olga Buzova not cease to surprise the audience. Some time ago, the girl released his own book, and soon after that all the movies talking about the song celebrity “the sounds of kissing.” From the beginning, the star couldn’t predict how fans will react to her attempt to reveal itself in an unexpected way. However, much to the surprise of Olga, many members praised her work and expressed its gratitude for the simple but touching song. According to followers, every word that Olga sings in the song, filled with her own experiences in connection with recent events.

      Olga Buzova poured my heart out: “Nerves stretched”

      It should be noted that Buzova was extremely surprised when she discovered that her musical work has already several days kept in the first place by the number of downloads. This so impressed her, that she did not hide their delight. Those, in turn, began to record videos, which performed the hit TV presenter. Discovered a large number of videos on Instagram, a celebrity announced that he will put in his most vivid, in her opinion, the records.

      “I personally liked the song, it hurts, it is true, simple and catchy, and most importantly, that it is not a solid business, after all, heard all your worries in connection with the recent events that the song “just so,” wrote one of podeschi in Instagram.

      Olga admitted that among her listeners there was a lot nedobrozhelateli who criticized the new hit. She tries not to react to the comments and continues to receive congratulations and to read rave reviews from the fans. Among them were many young people who are also not spared by the work Buzova. It seems that the star of “House-2” coped with the task, despite the lack of musical education and experience.

      “A talented person is talented in everything. An example of this Olga Buzova and her song “the sounds of kissing,” left a comment under the entry fan of the presenter.

      Olga is happy that among its seven million audience in Instagram so versatile development of young people, talented and ambitious, not trying to cover their abilities, to share the good vocals from all over the country. Olga believes that these people understand what the meaning of she laid in his job and that was my way of trying to prove. Of course, it is unpleasant, that is completely alien to her people expressed extreme dissatisfaction, and asked to stop doing this. However, celebrity is not going to take the position, arguing that the devoted listeners will always remain loyal and support you in any endeavor.

      The star especially like that each record that it listens to the Network users performed quite differently, sometimes revealing inherent in the song idea from an unexpected quarter. Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

      “Yeah, I’m not a singer. Yet. I sing with my soul. Live every word. And I am eternally grateful to you for what you do with me,” he thanked His followers in their Instagram.