Фанаты Ольги Бузовой умоляют ее начать есть Leading “House-2” showed a figure in a swimsuit, after which it came under a barrage of negative comments. Many are concerned for the health of Olga Buzova, as in the picture you can see her ribs.

Olga Buzova has provoked another wave of rumors. Controversy and gossip has become the leading home electroni country in a swimsuit. Hardly the media personality could assume that ordinary photo into a spectacular bikini will be an occasion to talk about the fact that she is seriously ill. Users of social networks, considered the “protruding ribs” celebrity literally sounded the alarm: she suffers from anorexia. In an instant the publication has gathered hundreds of comments of concerned fans who asked Olga to address urgently to the doctor.

“Horror as ribs sticking out!”, “The skinny was. She’s not ill?”, “God… I know skinny. Figure class. But the ribs – it’s just awful. Need to eat, and then the figure will be, and this horror will not be visible. And so all the spoils,” “the Poor, eat well, please” “concentration camp”, – said the subscribers microblog Buzova.

There were those who compared the darling of the audience with a skeleton and sincerely wished her as soon as possible to restore health. Olga herself for a single review mentioning anorexia did not respond. For anybody not a secret that the presenter is trying to watch your diet and exercise regularly, making for many years, is the owner of body dreams. Nevertheless, the public came to the conclusion that wanting to maintain the perfect shape, Buzova somewhat overdone.

Now telestroke star and aspiring singer spends time in the Seychelles, where one of the sites “House-2”. In between filming Olga a lot of sunbathing, swimming and allow yourself some Goodies, as regularly reported to subscribers. Apparently, the publication Buzova with various dishes seem to be her fans are not so convincing.