Фанаты Олега Винника опережают фанатов Филиппа Киркорова?

Фанаты Олега Винника опережают фанатов Филиппа Киркорова?They clamber up on stage, shake their bare Breasts and even change his face! The fans, to somehow attract the attention of idol. The most amazing antics of fans who were surprised by the stars, read on.

With this multimillion army of fans as Oleg winnik though presidents go. That not only did the “young wolf” star in the sky gave the cake live presented, even rally against people who write offensive comments in his address organized. But that’s not all! One of the fans idol concert idol walked on the highway, the lonely wolf on the road captured by law enforcement agencies. As it turned out, 33-year-old woman wanted to see a singer live, without waiting for a taxi I decided to go for their dreams, but not meant to be. Native women knew nothing about her plans, so had to say about her disappearance. As a result, police brought a woman back to his native village, broke off a meeting with her idol!

Very interesting story was Philip Kirkorov, because of the self-proclaimed pop king fans tried to kiss, confessed her love for him, brought almost to a heart attack and even danced a Striptease for the king of pop. One ripe fan, adored the songs of his idol, that just couldn’t sit still and decided to dance for Philip seductive dance, but for the moment dress women tadellos to the Breasts, but the singer was not taken aback and happily danced in front of the fans, taking it all on the phone. It’s good that the woman Kirkorov has not climbed, although the singer managed growth! Probably, therefore, had passed!

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