Фанаты Нелли Фуртадо обеспокоены ее лишним весом The singer surprised the audience at a concert in new York. The star appeared on the show in a jumpsuit decorated with stars. This stage outfit emphasized changed figure of Nelly. Admirers of her work can’t understand why she gained so much weight.

Nelly Furtado performed at the concert, which was held in new York. 38-year-old actress participated in an event called Island Pride Festival, which traditionally brings together representatives of sexual minorities. The singer appeared before a huge audience in a playful Romper with a deep neckline. White outfit Nellie was decorated with sparkling stars. Star moved confidently on the stage, igniting the crowd.

However, fans of the singer were shocked by her appearance. The clothes emphasized the extra inches on the hips of the star, as well as the stomach. In spite of the changed volume, Furtado was very confident and did not hesitate to sexually move the body.

The singer of the hit I’m Like A Bird surprised fans with his optimism and energy. However, there were critics who were actively discussing her figure in social networks.

“Strange, what could happen to her”, “Mama MIA, what happened to her? This is what you should run, recovered Well, okay, but why else would this outfit to make it worse?”, “Not know,” wrote the Internet users.

We will remind that in April the TV show Loose Women on Wednesday Nelly said about breaking up with her husband, a Cuban sound engineer, Demacio Castellina. They lived together for eight years.

“Now I have no one. Someone needs to update the information about me on Wikipedia – and it doesn’t help me to go on dates!” – said the singer.

Nelly told reporters that in order to survive a divorce, she wrote several songs that expressed my emotions. Part of the songs got into new album, The Ride, released in March of this year.

According to Furtado, she dedicates herself to raising her daughter Nevis and creativity. “When she was little I took her on tour. Nevis was breastfeeding and it was extremely tiring for both of us. Career highs – this, of course, great. But sometimes you just want to sit at home, bake my daughter cupcakes, clean the house and do them. It is important for me to stay in balance with your emotions for the sake of her daughter,” shared Nelly in an interview.